Lorena Panea brings to the maximum expression the dreams and personality of each woman, regardless of passing trends.

Lorena Panea offers bridal, party, streetwear, lingerie, bikini, jewelery and accessories designs, with a style focused on each woman, based on originality, elegance and comfort.

timelessness & originality

fashion house

make your appointment to try all the dresses and different Lorena Panea styles, and customize or build your own dress with all your identity.

* Custom tailoring service.
* Customization service for available designs.
* Dress Renaissance service (full transformation).



LP Bags

Inspired by ancestral shapes, Lorena Panea luxury bags are made of leather with gold-plated metal details. Minimalism and history go hand in hand to highlight all your looks.

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Ancestral forms

House of Panea

Around 1353 BC, convinced of the prophecy of the Hebrew Joseph, the Pharaoh then decides to name him as the highest person in Egypt, according to the Old Testament:

Genesis, chapter 41
“You will be in front of my house and all my people will depend on you. You will now be in charge of the entire country of Egypt. ” Pharaoh named Joseph as Grand Vizier and gave him the Egyptian name of Zafnat Panea.

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