Ankh, new party collection

It means Life. Celebrate life and your return to it.

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Kemet is a ritual, a trip to the past where all the senses are stimulated.


AmarnA, the most romantic collection of Lorena Panea, is a set of dresses designed for those brides who think that their love is above the traditions and want to enjoy their wedding as they look like women.

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Timeless Romanticism


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Discover the bikinis and swimsuits Lorena Panea

House of Panea

Around 1353 BC, convinced of the prophecy of the Hebrew Joseph, the Pharaoh then decides to name him as the highest person in Egypt, according to the Old Testament:

Genesis, chapter 41
“You will be in front of my house and all my people will depend on you. You will now be in charge of the entire country of Egypt. ” Pharaoh named Joseph as Grand Vizier and gave him the Egyptian name of Zafnat Panea.

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Occasion dresses

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Garments inspired by the mythology of Ancient Egypt.

Panea jewelry

Meet the full line of LP jewelry. These are pieces in gold, silver and semi-precious jewelery, of exclusive LP design and inspired by the Ancient Egypt, origin of the Panea culture. The collection is totally made in Spain, by local artisans.

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Interpreting dreams

Fashion documentary about the origins of Lorena Panea

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