A woman who has a small child and is not hired because "of course, young children get bad very often and surely she will have to miss work for it."

Another woman who is not hired because she is almost 40 years old and has no children "yet, so she soon passes her rice and will surely want to have them and will have to be off."

A totally valid professional but who, according to most comments, rises in her career "for being beautiful and sucking poll * s".

Someone like me who goes running and harassing me telling me everything from a disgusting old man to a badly educated teenager.

A young woman who coils with a flirt and prefers not to go over, but the uncle struggles and others say that "he should not have messed up and should have been respected."

They are not stories that I have read in the newspaper. I know firsthand all these cases, with names and surnames. Cases that have happened to women, by the mere fact of being women. Because women are constantly telling us, insinuating, imposing that our body is not ours, that they know better what is best for us, that we are never good enough.

In addition, I see it every day even in my business.

In my atelier, every week, I listen to mothers telling me that their daughters "have a lot of hip, or a lot of chest, or are too fat, or too thin," among many other types of complexes, all in front of their own daughters. Above what each of them are as women, human beings and in all cases a totally unfounded type of criticism, towards perfectly attractive women.

Or the case of the photo of the white dress above, one of my first designs shortly after opening my first store, in this case in my homeland. This dress, on two different occasions, two buyers who were super excited about the design, returned it to me the next day because, in one case their mother and in the other their boyfriend, they were told that it was “very striking” and what to “ where I was dressed like that. ”

Not to mention the number of designers and misogynist brands that at no time expose women as they are and how they want to be, but as what society expects of them, exposing them as sweet and delicate princesses, which must always be beautiful and perfect (see the example of the popular hagstag #invitadaperfecta or #noviaperfecta).

These types of stories do not usually happen to men. Sorry, I lie, they do happen to some men. Some of these things can also happen to men of different cultures, ethnicities, sexual orientations, etc ... Anyone who does not fit the stereotype of man, white and conservative, is in constant risk of being ignored in a society made by men, whites and conservatives - and not necessarily more intelligent than any other group.

Then, I am not able to explain the ignorant arguments that certain people use to say that "they are not feminists." Because in no case, feminism goes from the superiority of women, or better benefit any woman over a man. I risk even saying that Feminism is not even about Equality, but about equal opportunities. Because all the stories I have told above prove that there is still no equal opportunity (neither for women, nor for any group that does not fit the “standard”), whether at work, at the time of dressing, at when expressing opinions, when choosing a way of life, or in many cases within a couple.

For all these reasons, today I will be at the feminist demonstration in Barcelona, ​​to add my grain of sand and thus tell the world that more intelligent and fair alternatives can be built for women and any disadvantaged group.

Because, as Dior's famous shirt says, created by the great Maria Grazia Chiuri: “We should all be feminists".

Lorena Panea

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