The Anti-Sale starts!

Whenever I hear someone saying that the human being is a rational animal, I usually laugh.

Every year I write about the same thing when we arrive at these dates, and every year the same thing continues to happen: fashion makes a fool of myself and the human being walks towards collapse.

The sales have a stupidly funny facet and another that has no grace.

Let's start with the fun part.

Even before reaching the official sale date (normally the July 1), Already 90% of stores had hung red signs, with giant letters indicating 60%, 70% or 90% of sales, liquidating their Spring / Summer collections ... And some of these stores have already been on sale since May.

Note that, if you have purchased a Spring / Summer garment between January and May of this year, and taking into account that we have practically not had hot days, you probably have not even had the opportunity to release such garment and you will find it lowered

And worse than that ... What you bought 1 month ago (or 1 day before sales), is now worth less than half? ...

How does that make you feel? Scammed?

It makes me feel that fashion has entered a ridiculous and deceptive cycle for consumers. And obviously harmful to textile companies (large and small), since for example H&M has seen its sales drop for the first time since it opened in Spain.

That is the funny and stupid part. Now let's talk about the other side that is also stupid, but mainly very serious and unacceptable.

The only reason why there are rebates, is because the brands of mass market They are dedicated to producing millions of low-cost garments that in the end do not end up selling, because people simply don't need them. Then, these brands try to stimulate the momentum of consumers through the price, to get those abundant stocks out.

However a growing number of consumers have already changed their consumer behavior and have stopped reacting to the price, so you buy only and exclusively when you need. Obviously this means that the marks of mass market have lost customer base and as such they have become even more aggressive, to conquer that declining number of people who still buy price-driven - even if it means reducing margins to ridiculous levels.

Total, which sales have not only stopped working, but most stores have started losing money with sales.

And now comes the shameful part of that whole spiral: the environment is paying for it.

If millions of garments are being produced that society does not need - with the sole objective of lowering costs and generating impulse consumerism - obviously, all this excess ends at the bottom of seas and oceans, contributing to the extinction of thousands of species throughout the planet.

And the worst is not just that used clothes end up in seas and oceans. In reality, 80% of the contamination occurs before being thrown in the trash: during its production and washing throughout its useful life.

Therefore, It is not acceptable to produce excess clothing, to end up causing impulsive consumption and completely overwhelm the earth's ecosystems.

Therefore, Discounts in a modern and sustainable world are not acceptable.

Lorena Panea

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