How not to go disguised at a wedding

Recreation of a conversation more than usual in my studio:

Client: I have a wedding soon and I was looking for something to wear.
Me: What do you have in mind or the style you are looking for?
Client: Well, I'm not going to make up much, but what are we going to do, I'll have to wear a dress and a headdress, the typical thing, you know.

And my question here is always the same: WHY?

When we have an event, with more emphasis on weddings, the usual behavior that usually occurs is as follows:

1 If the event we have is day: short dress, bright colors and big headdress or pamela.
2 If the event is at night: long dress, discreet headdress and dark colors.

The truth is that you do not know what the protocol bores me ...

Investigating a little, I have found out that the origin of the protocol is very old and in its most basic definition It is based on courtesy, education and respect for others regardless of their culture. In fact this set of rules are created to avoid social, political or religious conflicts. Little by little it has evolved and diversified until it has specific rules for each specific situation.

Now, as for the protocol that interests us, which is that of events (especially weddings), in my opinion I think it makes no sense in full S. XXI except for a few exceptions (although now I can't think of any) . Now, if we stop to think and ask ourselves: Who were the ones who put these protocols into practice? The High Society Who is still doing it today? The High Society Who is the reference for thousands of people in our country? The High Society Tachán! There you have the answer ...

I think that in this type of event, the first thing we have to keep in mind is that it will be a celebration in which we have to be comfortable with what we carry, because we are going to have to spend hours with that garment, dance, walk and everything that lends itself. The second and I think it's one of the most important things, we don't have to give up our personality. What are we not wearing? Well, put on pants. You don't like headdresses? Do not take them.

It is as simple as this. But of course, we do not want to disentangle or attract attention ... We are constantly influenced by the images we see every day on the internet, magazines, etc. Girls, take the damage out of your head and put on whatever you want.

It's funny, but the other day, with the whole theme of Eva González's weddingIt gave me the feeling of watching a costume party. Most women added more years, did not really highlight the beauty of these and certainly there was very little personality in most styles. But there she was ...Samantha Vallejo. I think it was like a ray of light on a dark day. Just great. Pure personality and courage, because it gave me the feeling that he didn't care what others thought, there she stood out.

As I always say, it is my personal opinion. At least I hope you have understood the reason for the protocol at weddings 😉

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