Essay on fashion

After reading a book by the British Caryn Franklin, one of the world's leading fashion experts, who directed and presented for 12 years one of the most important fashion television programs in the United Kingdom - The
Clothes Show
 on the BBC -, I am forced to use his references mixed with my own words, to define my vision for you and make a serious reflection on what it is, where it is going and perhaps what it should be fashion world.

How you have already realized, and although it has been forgotten In recent years, the relationship between humans and clothing goes far beyond the functions of warmth, protection or shelter. Rather, this relationship is a rich language with a lot of social meaning, which translates into recognition of power and can increase the identity of the individual or group. In my opinion, and also Caryn's, Fashion is why the Great democracy because it adds relevance and importance to clothes that are fine and elegant, regardless of class hierarchies.

However, the changes that have affected the recent world have led to a different dynamic, very well used by mass production brands that seek to conquer and own the will of the consumer. The human desire for beautification is now turned into money by short-lived fashions.

When I hear someone saying that "they are not following the fashion", what that person is saying, and does not know that they are saying it, is that they are not doing it consciously, because in reality their tastes are constantly being influenced by what they see in those who are references to themselves or identify as peers, when currently these references and pairs are also involved in a marketing full of subtle messages, thought or not, that indicate how to dress. As Caryn says, today's young people see more photos of surreal beauty in one day on Instagram than their parents saw in their entire teens. Clothing brands produce industrial quantities of each garment in Asian workshops, to sell in stores spectacularly designed to convince you that this is a special garment, when there are at least 1499 others exactly the same around the world. More than 90% of the multi-brand clothing stores in Spain are supplied by Chinese warehouses in Fuenlabrada, these industrial estates larger than the capital of Extremadura and which sell the clothes produced by the same Asian mass production workshops and the same everywhere . With the excuse of the crisis, we look for extremely cheap clothes (and consequently of quite poor quality) that lasts no more than a season, clogging up our closets and later filling pours with our short-lived whims. Most women try to fit their bodies to fit into mass production clothing and I have gotten to hear the ridiculous claim that custom clothing should be cheaper than ready-made clothing.

It is then that I ask myself: are we going in the best direction when looking for our identity?

The great contemporary designers such as Vivienne Westwood, John Galliano or Alexander McQueen have created, or still create, garments designed for the individuality of women and to last for several years, under the principles of sustainability and fair trade.. And all this without anxieties of supernatural beauty, complexes with the body or obsession with the junk shop because in the end they create goods that remain current in time. That itself is Authenticity, Uniqueness and Power, the three principles that have governed Fashion for more than 5.000 years and that throughout History have made the activity of creating a garment an Art.

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