Recent fashion, with more than 8.000 years ...

When one goes to Paris, between crêpes and macarons, it is easy to fall in love with Fashion and Beauty that we can find in almost every corner of the city center, from Montmatre but also Montparnasse, either going through the Bastille, Saint Germain or for the incredible Avenue Montaigne where we can find ALL luxury brands.

However, My favorite Parisian collection is in a museum and relates to one of my great passions in this life: the department of the Egyptian Civilization of the Louvre.

Among thousands of other things, there one can see original clothes and artifacts about what was the Fashion for the Egyptians, both during his life and in the postmortem.

Although on special occasions high society used Silk that came through the Silk Road that came from China, This material was expensive (just like today!) and for mostly climatic and geographical reasons, almost all Egyptian clothing was made of linen, grown on the banks of the Nile. The design and pattern of the garments was simple but then complemented with a style that could not be more current: straight-cut tunics, loose robes or tight dresses, often with separable sleeves, in neutral colors like white, beige or often almost transparent, but then extravagantly adorned with incredible worked accessories Normally in Gold that came from Nubia (now Ethiopia) since silver was rarer and therefore more expensive, semi-precious stone like Lapis Lazuli imported from Persia (now Afghanistan), Green and Red Jasper, Amethyst, Carnelian, Turquoise and Quartz - What is found today in any accessories or jewelry store that sells jewelry with a minimum of quality.

Even the headdresses were full of lotus flowers, green palm leaves or feathers ... I thought that the headdresses of LORENAPANEA were avant-garde, in the end they were already 8.000 years ago!

Well, about makeup everyone knows that it was already very characteristic of that civilization. The Egyptians and the Egyptians shaved their eyebrows, Nefertiti and Cleóprata painted the nails of both hands and feet, almost all men and women made up their eyes every day with cabbage and the face with coloring cosmetics like Indigo or animal fat and, after death, almost no one went to the sarcophagus without carrying it in a makeup case, literally.

But what about perfumery? That is contemporary! No no no. Especially in social and religious acts, people used to use a cone of scented wax on their heads, designed to melt under the Egyptian heat and thus give off a pleasant perfume and not smell like humanity ...

Curious that what has become fashionable today is nothing more than an imitation of the customs of 8.000 years ago. Many times when I compare Egyptian taste and elegance with contemporary examples, I wonder: who are the outdated and wild?

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