Lorena Panea awarded for the Best Extremadura Blog

I've never wanted to be blogger. In fact, I don't consider myself Blogger, but I always wanted to create a blog with good content. Not a blog that reflects my personal ego or talks about "wearing yellow or pink", but a blog that talks about fashion, women and the lifestyle we all lead, as a social science and a reflection of human behavior. A different blog

I never thought I would win a prize with what I write, but no one can undertake any worthwhile trip without expecting surprises. And now My blog has just won an award, the Best Extremadura Blog award, in the Youth category:

NEWS: https://www.regiondigital.com/noticias/portada/295231-vara-monago-y-blanca-martin-asisten-este-martes-a-entrega-i-premios-regiondigitalcom.html

Sculpture by Miguel Samson specially designed for the occasion

As a celebration of its 18 years of existence, one of the main digital newspapers in my region along with some of the main parliamentarians, union representatives and media directors, organized the delivery of the I Awards @ Digital Region to the best blogs in Extremadura, rewarding the categories of Career, Culture, Gastronomy, Sustainability, Solidarity, Society, Travel and Youth.

And last but not least, The awards were given by the current and former presidents of the Board of Extremadura, Guillermo Fernández Vara and José Antonio Monago, respectively.

As you know, it is not the first prize I won since I have been previously awarded as a designer, but I would risk saying that it is perhaps the prize that makes me most excited.

It is always said that no one is a prophet in his land and the truth is that to date all the distinctions that had been granted to me had always been by institutions outside my autonomous community.

It is true that in 2013 I was selected as the Best Young Designer in Extremadura and as such, I represented the region in the national awards that year in Marbella. However, that award was given to me by the National Association of Young Designers located in Madrid.

Therefore, This is the first prize I win in Extremadura, which makes me especially proud.

Even so, there is no victory in my life that does not entail any paradox. Working in fashion is perhaps one of the most difficult activities that exists(although everything seems glamorous) and, as such, entails overexertion.

I don't have bosses, but the women I work for are always ahead of everything and in the middle of the spring / summer high season, delivering dresses in which I've been working for months to all my girlfriends and guests from Barcelona, I have not been able to attend one of the galas that I was most excited about in person. I had to attend 1000 kms away and thank everyone present through a screen.

My family went to the gala on my behalf and the prize was collected by my mother (Yes, dressed in a Lorena Panea dress), which has also allowed them to enjoy my successes a bit, since most of the time fashion tends to deprive them of my company.

I thank the jury once again for this award and of course, all the other winners were undoubtedly great winners, writing every day on topics that are not usually talked deeply in other media. I leave you with the list of all the winners, since the other blogs have no loss:

The winners of the night were:

In the Culture category Paco Vadillo by El Peristilo, from the Roman Theater, a space dedicated to the International Festival of Classical Theater of Mérida.

In the Gastronomy category Yolanda Hidalgo by Wine, life, vice, a blog about wine and oenology.

In the Sustainability category Francisco José Morcillo by Smartcitymb3, a blog about the concept of a city where technology is the tool to improve the quality of life.

In the Solidarity category Ana Belén Valsera by Spanish for everyone, an NGO that develops educational projects in one of the favelas most punished by violence in Rio de Janeiro.

In the category Society Celia De Molina by Antivlog, the diary of a girl with normal in a superficial world.

In the Trajectory category Juan Carlos Rodríguez Ibarra for betting from the beginning on the importance of the Internet and the technological revolution

Finally, as you know, in the Travel category José Luis Díaz by Ruined Art, a blog whose purpose is to put on the map the most punished and forgotten heritage of Extremadura.

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