The 5 mistakes that brides make when they go to a designer

More and more brides resort to a designer or dressmaker to make the dress they have in mind: something unique and personalized that makes their wedding day even more special. Many of these brides is the first time they have made a custom dress, so I have decided to collect the main mistakes that brides make when they go to a designer. Everything goes with my usual sense of humor and sarcasm, so girlfriends of the world ... do not be offended if you feel identified There we go ...

  1. I want you to copy this dress.It has happened to me countless times ... When I have the encounter with the girlfriend, when I get to the question of: And what are you looking for? She, excited, shows me a couture dress by Elie Saab and tells me: I want this. I'm sorry, but you can't go to a designer and tell him to copy someone else's work. You can (and in fact you should) take inspirational photos so that we can capture your taste and essence and thus be able to orient yourself better in fabrics, falls and patterns.
  2. But it is very expensive!After showing me 300 photos where you show me dresses full of rhinestones and embroidery, you are surprised that the price is so high. I tell you that if you want it cheaper we can use plain fabrics but in no way you want to give up those wonderful fabrics. This is the reality: bridal fabrics are expensive, expensive. In fact any bridal fabric with rhinestones and embroideries round between the € 100 / m and € 500 and without counting what it costs to work this type of fabric. No, I can't make you a custom dress with Elie Saab fabrics and outlet prices ...
  3. I have come with my mother, my aunt, my mother in law, my second cousin and the neighbor of the fifth.When you are a girlfriend with a strong personality or you are already clear about what you are looking for, for me as if you want to come with half a town. But please, if you are not sure what you are looking for, I advise you to look alone until you are more or less clear about the line you are looking for. I have seen girlfriends overwhelmed because mothers try to impose their style, struggle of opinions between sisters about what is best for the bride, among other great stories ... What usually happens is that when women advise other women, what We do thinking about what we would wear and not in what can best favor the bride (can you imagine someone with 25 years and using someone's style with 50, or someone with a size 48 wearing a design designed for someone with size 34?…). So when you start, turn a deaf ear and listen more to yourself, leaving more opinions for the end.
  4. I have a wrinkle here ...Oops, this is one of the most common mistakes. What damage has the photoshop done here! Normally when you look for wedding dresses on Google suddenly models with height of 3,5meters, unreal legs and dresses without a single wrinkle come out… so smooth that seams are barely visible. That, my dear, is not real. The dresses are made of fabrics and as such we move, wrinkles are made, like any garment we have in our closet. Therefore, it usually happens, that they ask me for impossible seamless patterns or that once the design is done they demand that the wrinkle that arises when moving disappears. If you send me the photos of your wedding, do not worry that with my computer I can leave you the dress as a second skin.
  5. I'm nervous, what if I don't like it later?Normally in bridal firms that only work with designs already made, you try and ask for the same design or some adaptation with minimal changes. When you make a custom garment, at least until the second or third test you don't have a complete idea of ​​how the final result will be ... especially if you have no imagination. It's a risk? Not necessarily, as long as the designer is good (and good with pattern design especially), since he / she must have the technical capabilities to create what you have requested from the beginning, while you have to participate Actively in all the tests and say EVERYTHING you like and EVERYTHING you don't like - that is, trust the professionals and make sure you communicate correctly throughout the process. Don't be shy and say what you want, don't cut yourself!

And that's all for today. I hope it has helped you a little to better understand my work and has dissipated your doubts in case you are hesitating to do something to measure. Of course, I can assure you that The process of seeing a dress born from nothing, as you have it in mind, and guiding the entire process is something that cannot be compared to buying any prefabricated dress.

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