Brides LP, revolution and art: from Silvestre to Renaixença

A few weeks ago When I published my latest bridal collection, Renaixença, the reactions exceeded my expectations. They commented on the photos, they wrote me messages, they called me personally - all of them women telling me that they couldn't stop looking at the images and the dresses, that they had been speechless, that they wanted to try all "these works of art", etc ... Flattery that still makes me blush. The truth is that when I try to create an artistic work - I remind you that I studied art, before training in fashion design, - I don't expect others to understand my creation. In the end that is art, it is not made so that most can understand it.

However Renaixença is not just any collection, nor is it any artistic composition. This collection of brides could not have a more relevant theme in modern times, a reason that unites us to all women as we never joined in history - feminism, emancipation, freedom, empowerment and awareness.

I only officially presented the collection a few weeks ago, but the whole concept and my vision as a designer has already had an impact on the national press.

One of the best fashion magazines in Spain, SModa of the newspaper El País, has dedicated an interview to me in this edition of September, under the hashtag #nuevoscanales. In that interview, They have defined me as “ecofeminist”, and they have paraphrased me by saying that “I design so that women feel good about themselves”, that “I promote alternative types of beauty to make women believe in themselves, and I do not press with ideals standardized ”.

All truths and expressions that define me as a designer, as a woman and obviously that are projected both in my Renaixença collection, and in each of the brides who come to me to make her one of the best dresses of their lives.

But one of the headlines that I liked the most was that of a digital newspaper from my homeland. Digital Region published “Revolution and art in the latest Lorena Panea bridal collection”. I couldn't be more successful.

The truth is that No revolution occurs in a single day, nor in a single season.

My first collection for brides, Silvestre, I designed it in 2013 - Remember: at the peak of the crisis, women then began to rethink the conventions and "bling-bling" and the big logos began to disappear from our closets.

Under that context, Silvestre's concept made perfect sense. I applied the principles of a style that is applied in architecture (with very few examples in fashion) - rustic minimalism - For the first time referred to describe the tomb of Marylin Monroe.

I started incorporating natural elements in simple and elegant dresses - calling these simple dresses is a way of speaking, because managing and incorporating preserved natural elements, such as wheat ears or tree seeds, to silk dresses has everything but simplicity ...

This was clearly a revolution and an innovation, since most of the brands and designers of the time were still focused on the maximalism of yesteryear, which was totally outdated of the society whipped at that time, with unemployment, evictions and poverty.

Few were the designers making minimalist wedding dresses, but we already knew what the most avant-garde women of that era were looking for - although not the mass.

My designs evolved with the times, I created the collections Imperfect, Singular, some capsule collections ... but The next great revolution came without a doubt with my Neo-Natura bridal collection, designed in 2016 and officially presented in 2017.

I presented these wedding dresses already in Barcelona, ​​which obviously gave me much more impact than when I was only present in Extremadura. Neo-Natura was named everywhere, in national and international press.

Lorena Panea in Casar-se a Catalunya
Lorena Panea interview at Sposi Italia

Brides Spain - Lorena Panea Sustainable Fashion

La Vanguardia - Sustainable Fashion by Lorena Panea

Casar-se a Catalunya included it as an option for sustainable weddings, with Sposi Italia he mened internationally after interviewing me at the Barcelona Bridal Week, Novias España magazine referred to the collection as a suggestion of “Irresistible desire under sustainable fashion”, it was referenced in La Vanguardia as sustainable fashion in limited edition…

And now Renaixença arrives, almost like a third disruptive wave in the framework of what I have been designing for years.

The avant-garde is no longer in “simple” dresses and therefore those first collections have lost meaning in my style as a designer - although I still fall in love looking at my collection Silvestre.

It is true that the bohemian style is now seen everywhere, the vast majority of brides are still asking for those romantic styles and even the marks of mass market as Pronovias and Rosa Clarà have included for the first time (5 years late!) in their collections the minimal style. But This overcrowding is the clearest sign that a style is about to die.

Therefore, Renaixença is once again an innovation in my collection portfolio, a line that I already started with Neo-Natura and that has now gone to more.

The bohemian touches have not disappeared completely, but ornaments and ornaments are introduced that women want to wear again to send a message and reaffirm their status. All this without falling into the ostentation of once, or the traditionalisms of our mothers that tended to sacrifice our comfort or became inflexible with our freedom of choice as women. And obviously, without forgetting the awareness of the future as civilization and humanity.

As the headline of that newspaper said, This is the revolution and the art of my creations.

Lorena Panea

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