Brides LP: Cristina and Verónica

I especially enjoy when I have to dress the gown for a couple of girls. As these are usually women who have had to break down barriers and social conventions, these are often women who feel liberated, without complexes and self-confident. Free.

Then, when a woman feels free, that gives her personality and the personality creates a daring woman, willing to risk when dressing, wanting to be authentic.

Dressing such a woman, for me as a designer, is the most satisfying of my work. And this time I have not found it in a single woman, but in two: Veronica and Cristina.

I start with Vero.

Veronica initially came to my studio with a certainty: she could not imagine herself with a dress, because she was always attracted by the "masculine aesthetics." I knew exactly what she wanted to say and I know that this does not mean that she wants to dress as a "mate."

Then we started to think together on several ideas ... The jacket suit is, finally, very fashionable among women but I did not want to design a suit as such, and she certainly wanted to go one step further.

I wanted to give her not only a sensual touch, because Vero is spectacularly beautiful and deserves it, but also wanted to raise the look to something not so fashionable, to something less obvious ... And when this is the case, I need time, I need to start from an initial design and build the dress during a trial process with the bride, knowing the context and her personality.

Then I met her friends, I discovered details of her wedding - an event almost like a festival, the funniest I've seen - and after spending more time with her, we came up with the cherry that was missing to the look: To provide her a style of Rock Star.

A military-cut jacket, golden buttons and long, very long fringes, to give a style between the Parisian Boho of the 30 years and the eclectic role of the 80. In fact, I was going to do a top to wear under the jacket, but she herself liked without anything what I also thought was original 😀 Then I made her a low-cut chiffon body, with puffed sleeves and cuffs with golden buttons, To change and continue the party.

And this is how I designed for a woman honest with herself, authentic as her partner always knew her and she definitely entered in the Top-3, of my favorite LP Brides of the year.

But the fact is, another favourite LP bride is precisely her couple, Cristina. It is not only one of my favorites, but probably my favourite of the year - with the permission of all the other brides I worked with, and knowing that all of them always take something mine in their beautiful dresses ...

Well, Cristina is a demanding and perfectionist woman, as I personally like to face. So demanding and purist to the point that he tried on dresses of the most special brands that you can think of right now - Rue de Seine, Galia Lahav, Otaduy, etc ... - but in all of them he found something that did not fill him. In none of them did he find "his dress."

Even so, we all know that this is not a problem in Atelier Lorena Panea 😀

Cristina came after Veronica and I also understood her perfectly, in the sense of what she wanted - it is my job, this is what it must distinguishes me ... It is not a matter of making "pretty dresses" or having 500 models of gowns to try ... It is a matter of understanding who she is and how each one of you defines yourself. It is a matter of understanding the women you are.

For Cristina also came with a very clear look idea: She wanted sensuality, transparencies, tight, but everything she had found up to date was always very boho, or very classic ... She couldn't find the balance anywhere.

After inquiring about her tastes, I knew that her dress had to include several elements, but none of them in excess, to keep an ethereal style but with personality. Oh, and she also needed an elegant Rock Star touch ;)

So I designed an elegant pattern, but full of transparencies, with a less obvious design, overlay and mix of materials, and a romantic touch with tulle and plumetti. Then, adorned with a gold-finished belt, also to provide a rich detail that would harmonize with the look of Veronica, her girlfriend.

It is not about inventing the wheel, but the exquisiteness, the details and a less typical but feminine pattern make Cristina my favorite LP Bride of the year (although Verónica is practically at par: D)

Surely none of these is the favorite dress of most women - nor do I expect it to be and it's healthy that everyone has their own preferences.

Here the question is that I have been able to create 2 very special looks for 2 women very loyal to themselves, and her tastes, and that never wanted to be the copy of someone else, showing each other as they are, with the best version of themselves. And that is authentic love.

Lorena Panea

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