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LP Brides: Kate

Traditions teach us a social protocol. In the case of weddings, they teach us to celebrate love. However, as society evolves, human emotions remain the same as millennia ago.

That's when traditions are redesigned, not to change its essence but to define new protocols, in a language that mixes tradition with modernity - and which, in my opinion, provides the most special result of them all.

Kate: a beautiful bride from Liverpool, with Irish origins, based in Barcelona and a lovely woman. When you have so many cosmopolitan influences, when you know the world and when you finally want to celebrate something as special as your wedding, then you must define your own protocol your own fusion between ancient and contemporary.

With a wedding in the Montjuic of Barcelona, in the midst of nature, Kate's style had to be romantic, taking the traditional elements that she likes and the different identities that define her.

The Epona dress (Idolatry collection) she and I liked it for the occasion, as it kept the various traditional elements of a wedding dress - lace, a pretty tail, very thoughtful lines for the female body - but with the fluidity and comfort of the dresses that modern women are looking for. In fact, a very British style.

Furthermore, to make it more appropriate for the ceremony, we complemented it with the top Venus, a garment that I designed with transparencies and combination of lace, in different triangular shapes - an ancient symbology for queens and pharaohs in the Ancient Egypt ...

Finally, I ornamented the buttons with an atypical and very special combination, but totally suitable for Kate: using the colors of Ireland. In the end, using a saying from Kate herself: "Red and Green should never be seen, except upon an Irish queen" (Red and green should not be put together, unless an Irish queen will use them) 😀

Awesome indeed. But that's not all.

If people usually say that from a wedding it always pop-up two weddings, I rather say that from a wedding always come out two dresses, and in this case I also designed the look for Kate's mother.

Kate lives in Barcelona and in the end I adapted her look to a style more closely linked to her British and Irish roots. But with his mother, I did the reverse process.

She lives in Liverpool and taking advantage of her trips to Barcelona, ​​to visit Kate, I was doing all the tests of a dress with a suitable pattern to a godmother or mother of the bride, but with color, full of color. To see a daughter marry, celebrate love and above in Spain, it has to be synonymous with happiness and joy.

So, in her case, we thought it was an excellent idea to create a dress with a total floral print, similar to water marks, just like any flower painting by any Spanish impressionist artist, such as Joaquín Sorolla, Pablo Picasso or Darío de Regoyos.

How much I enjoyed in my atelier, while creating and fitting these two dresses for these two enjoyable women.

After all, fashion, weddings, celebrations, social events, etc ... Are exactly this: fun, happiness, joy, cultural exchange. Protocols and traditions only serve to make these connections easier and more fluid. But above it all, the essence of a celebration always has to come first: we always have to enjoy it.

Lorena Panea

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