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LP Brides: Rosa and the exquisite elegance

As I spend most of my time at the Atelier in Barcelona, ​​consequently I have limited time slots for the atelier in my hometown in the South of Spain. - I still keep going every 2-3 months, to attend to my clients there, both brides and guests, and only by appointment.

I've never wanted to stop working in my homeland in the south and the fact of having limited availability there, leads me to work only with the most special women and with enough time in advance to create unique dresses.

In the last 2 years I have made dresses in my hometown for some of my best brides ever: Lola, Almudena, Natalia ...

But today I want to talk about Rosa, a doctor who was not able find her dress anywhere in the region premises, because the truth is she was looking for something that seems easy to find, but in reality it is very difficult: an exquisite simple and elegant dress.

The exquisiteness and the refined lines in a wedding dress is not something that abounds in the current “bridal” market… There is a lot of poor quality lace, bright and rude fabrics, grandmother's time cancans, tulles and plumetis that look like sticking plaster, designs that make women look like cupcakes ... As I say, good taste is not for everyone's taste and it is obvious that many people do not appreciate it.

But there are women who do appreciate it and the truth is that, When a bride wants elegance and simplicity, there aren't many brands able to offer it exquisitely.

The trick is the combination of 3 factors: (1) high quality of the fabrics with (2) a tailored pattern and designed for the measurements and the body of the woman, together with (3) a design thought for the context of The wedding and the bride herself.

I always ask all the brides where and how their wedding is going to be. With these inputs, I design. Right there, in situ, in the atelier, most of the time in front of each bride.

Rosa's wedding had an important traditional component, but that should not necessarily mean she had to fall into the outdated traditional wedding gown, Rosa needed a dress at the level of her expectations, in accordance with her context and in accordance with the demands of her family (with whom I had the pleasure of treating).

When so, to the 3 factors that I have said before (quality, pattern and design) just add the last ingredient: elegance.

I saw Rosa as an elegant bride. No corny exaggerations, no volumes. Rosa is a practical woman, with a stylized body and a status to defend, so anything else would be left over - less is more.

Thus, the design was clear: boat neck, tight plumeti sleeves, flowing and loose chiffon skirt. Likewise: ethereal, minimalist and elegant.

I often explain that I am a versatile designer, that I always think and design for the woman I see, ahead of what I like, and that I don't care about styles (and less “trends”) but what looks good in each bride or guest LP.

However it's true that Minimalism fascinates me especially because doing something “simple” is really complicated - and the proof is the little offer available out there, at least the exquisite little offer.

And when I see a bride like Rosa, I always think what a a fantastic woman she. One of my best brides ever, and once again in my hometown.

Lorena Panea

Photographs: Extremeño Art

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