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Irene and the magic of accessories

I have not written for a long time because of all the events that have occurred in recent months and the large volume of work that has been done in the atelier. You know that I recently presented my last Kemet bridal collection on the Barcelona Bridal Week catwalk (to tell you the whole experience I am preparing something very special that you will see in September). I think something magical was created on that catwalk and everything was thanks to all the women who trust me every year. Today I come to talk about one of them: Irene

Irene got married last year and although it's been months since she went through the atelier, I remember her as if it were the first day. Her wedding look is the perfect example of how with accessories you can transform and elevate your wedding dress to the maximum exponent.

In Ancient Egypt, the status of a person was determined by accessories rather than clothing. During the thousands of years that this wonderful civilization lasted, the clothing barely evolved drastically but instead the complements were authentic works of art that transformed the person who wore them.

In the case of Irene, we bet on a simple and comfortable wedding dress, with a body worked in embroidered tulle with leaf motifs and chiffon skirt. A point to highlight in the design, is that the neckline of the front and rear were totally different, which gave it a fun point. The dress itself was romantic, delicate and ethereal but we wanted to take the look to another level.

In the waist we add a velvet ribbon in pink stick to make a small contrast and in the back a removable tail of silky tulle. To add more contrast, Irene chose a flower crown in burgundy tones and a wild tone bouquet. With these touches of color, her look became a fresh, modern and bohemian look.

Many times we overestimate the power of the complements but as I say to all my clients: just as the Egyptians did for millennia, the complements, when they are well chosen, have that magic of raising you to the level of the gods 😉

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