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LP Brides: Carolina and the color details

Too bad the color in the wedding dresses was lost. I already explained in this blog how, in the nineteenth century, Queen Victoria decided to marry in white, and that fact, together with the mix of being the period of greatest British hegemony and the historical moment in which the mass media emerged, caused the custom that almost all women on this planet wanted to marry exclusively in white. And mass and imitating behavior makes, two centuries later, still so, without anyone wondering why.

However, it will not always be that way nor do I think it will be like this forever.

I already said it in my last interview for the Sposi Magazine of Italy: the brides of colors will be the next macro-trend.

As a designer, I have already created many colorful wedding dresses for several of my #NoviasLP, In recent years, as I have also taught several times in this blog. I've had girlfriends in red, green, prints ... This year I'll even have a black bride! A clue, by the way ... but I'll write about that more forward

They are women like Carolina, who champion the recovery of an ancestral tradition and who achieve the true essence of creating a wedding dress.

Getting a wedding dress is the perfect opportunity for each of us to create a couture piece, a relic that points to a frame of love in our lives. And in no case does that mean it has to be an exclusively white dress. And Carolina wanted a detail that, in my opinion, is enough to make all the difference with a common dress.

Her dress, mimalist and romantic, had white embroidered tulle cuffs, in which we embroidered floral motifs to match her wedding bouquet. That same embroidery extended on his back from where two tulle strips fell as a reinterpretation of the traditional bridal tail. In addition, to finish giving that air of freshness, I made a natural flower applique with the same shades of embroidery.

But this does not end here, Carolina also asked me that her dress had pockets with what also gave her that balance between tradition and modernity, adapting her dress to the needs of today's women.

Queen Victoria may have been one of the great "influencers" in history, so much so that her tendency still lingers. But little by little women like Carolina and many others, are breaking with that tradition and changing history.

Lorena Panea

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