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Brides LP: Sara and everything we look for women

I have not met in my life a single woman who did not have complexes with her body. Not even one. Even international models with whom I dealt and who paraded on some of the main catwalks for the main brands!

Some have complexes for having small breasts, others for having large breasts. Others are seen with a lot of hip, while others are seen without forms. Some look very fat, others look very thin. Others believe they have a belly and others never want to show their knees.

I could continue describing everything I've seen in my studio or during my personal life as a designer, but the point is that these complexes are often unfounded and even in cases where we can see "some defect" (what does "defect" mean ??), the truth is that There is not a single perfect body in this world, even if Photoshop, Instagram or any other tool makes us believe otherwise. Everything is based on perceptions, never on reality.

What all women look for (and should look for) is to see ourselves stylized. It is not about “covering defects”, hiding what we don't like, or looking perfect. It is about achieving harmony, extolling our proportions and highlighting our status or position as women.

This is my role as a designer and, As an example, I'm going to talk about one of my LP girlfriends that I thought was beautiful: Sara.

Sara is an attorney, entrepreneur and a traveler born around the world, so a woman so active is not for old-fashioned traditions, or accessory conventions, much less for complexes.

At her wedding, Sara wanted Be true to yourself, show your partner as he met her and finally stylize your figure - in summary: look the best version of herself, so I designed a version of my Monroe model (Renaixença collection), of course one of my most comfortable and lightweight designs, ideal for modern and active women, like Sara. To complement the look, I made a version of my organza jacket in neoprene, embroidered with the logo of your wedding.

The best version of the same. Which is very different from trying to be a copy of another woman (which may seem attractive), fall into the error of adding features that do not hit us or be aware of hiding everything we do not like about ourselves, because that prevents us from being free.

I dare to say that Sara has many things that we all would like to have and that on her wedding day she achieved a style that favors her figure, something that we all look for, either when attending an event or dressing our day to day.

Sara told me that it was the happiest day of her life and that the comfort of the dress allowed her to fully enjoy it, while maintaining elegance and beauty.

And to celebrate, nothing better than a honeymoon in Polynesia (surely one of my next trips ...) where Sara wanted to continue wearing one of my designs, this time one of my jewels ...

Who would not like to live everything Sara has lived?

Lorena Panea

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