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Nuria, transforming her mother's wedding dress

In bridal fashion there is something that seems very special to me: to reuse a wedding dress, either from the wedding of someone in your family, a dress of yours that once meant something to you, among any other reason with a sentimental component ...

A few years ago I announced that began to offer the dress transformation service (mainly as a bride, although I also do it at party), in which any client can bring me the dress that is (from her mother, grandmother, vintage, her own dress, etc ...) and, from that dress, I think a completely new design, maintaining the essence and meaning of the initial dress.

This service has nothing to do with arrangements, not even the typical dressmaker job that patches or fixes what is wrong in a dress from years ago, but that It is a thorough work of complete transformation of each dress. I not only disassemble them, but also rebuild them with completely new shapes, I totally change the pattern, or even integrate those relics into a completely new dress (imagine creating a luxury house with construction containers or a design table from pallets )

As such, during these recent years, in my studio I have been recreating some dresses and in this 2019 I have transformed more dresses than ever, so in my blog I will write some posts about these brides that I consider so special.

This time I want to tell the story of Nuria. When she came to my atelier in Barcelona, ​​she was looking for a dress for her wedding and asked me, almost hopelessly, if I could adapt or re-use her mother's dress. What seemed a remote chance to her, to me it seemed an unique opportunity to do something so special that it can never be replicated.

The dress was over 30 years old, so it could not be considered in its current state, but I saw immense potential to the design - and a work of many hours, but what I enjoyed with it ...

After well analyzing its pattern, cut and condition of the fabrics, I proposed a design to Nuria, taking into account the silhouettes she was searching for her wedding day.

She really liked my proposal, although we both knew that this is a live creation process - almost like a work in progress, in which you can always find surprises and you have to have creativity to provide solutions.

What I always do in these cases, is to prototype the initial design, so that the bride sees how the dress evolves (and participate with their decisions), while I see how the materials of the original dress are evolving to new patterns, shapes and new fabrics that I add to the design.

In this case, I increased length of the dress (replacing and creating complete pieces in the original skirt), remade the whole body (new fabrics, new design, new patterns ...), I re-used the lace of some parts of the old dress to distribute it along new positions, I fused this lace with a similar new lace, etc, etc, etc ...

Usually, This creative evolution provides a much nicer and much special result than the first design proposal, so it would be a mistake to limit myself to that first proposal.

Nuria trusted me the whole moment, she left me almost everything in my hands and finally it was very exciting and emotional to her when we reached the final result of her wedding dress (I felt emotional too ...)

The thing is, her mother is no longer with us, so it is impossible not to empathize with how emotional this creation was for Nuria ,and getting married with the dress her mother wore on her wedding day (now totally refurbishemt and modern)...

Dressing such a sentimental relic, adapted to our modern taste, bringing together different generations and connecting our past with our future, seems to me an exceptional work. It seems to me something divine. It seems to me the most beautiful thing the human beings can achieve. To me, this seems Art..

Lorena Panea

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