Mireia and her Star Wars themed wedding

Whenever I meet one of my LP brides, it's like entering a new world: each one has a vision of what she wants for her wedding and every detail is designed for them to give free rein to their creativity. Sometimes it happens that girlfriends are often corseted by traditions or what they expect from them but you already know that my girlfriends are different and go one step beyond what society demands. Today I'm going to talk about Mireia, which to date, may be the most alternative girlfriend I've had.

When Mireia crossed the door of my atelier she immediately caught my attention: redhead, a body full of tattoos that could be seen from Disney characters to animals and a sincere personality. The truth is that I have always liked this aesthetic so I was waiting for him to tell me what his wedding was going to be like. What was my surprise when he told me that his wedding was going to be a wedding Geek, inspired by the Star Wars movie saga.

We immediately started thinking about what her dress would look like. I looked first of all, I wanted a current and comfortable garment since in her day to day she uses baggy clothes and she didn't want to be worried on her wedding day about anything but enjoying it. To do this, I chose for the upper part of her dress a fabric with elastane so that she could move easily without losing quality in the fabrics.

As for the design, I can't like it anymore: the upper part of the dress was designed to highlight her body, with a v-neck that framed one of her tattoos and an impressive crossed back that gave the dress an urban touch. I also embroidered a lace that reminded a little of snowflakes, almost as a tribute to the fantastic The Empire Strikes Back.

The romantic part is found in the skirt, made with pleated tulle and in body embroidery. The truth is that it gives an air to Princess Leia 

As we moved forward with her dress, one day I had a great idea and said to Mireia: Hey, I thought that if you are going to have a Star Wars themed wedding, I think you should take some detail of some hidden or disguised character in your dress. Mireia loved the idea and after giving it several laps, We chose to make a silver belt with the central detail of the head of one of the mythical soldiers of the saga.

In addition, Mireia completed the look with sneakers adorned with blue laces. I loved that you chose this type of footwear! Of course, she is a girlfriend with a lot of personality and needed a look that matches her originality. The result was a wedding that, although based on the tradition of a wedding itself, goes a step further creating the universe with which the bride and groom dream and not the one that society expects to see. Thus, little by little, the barriers of the established are losing their meaning and the new paradigm of modern brides is that defined by themselves, only limited by their imagination and identity.

Lorena Panea

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