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Often happens. After touring thousands of instagrams and losing half a life diving on Pinterest, toFinally you can say that you know what you are looking for in your wedding dress. The problem comes when you want something that goes a little out of the ordinary. Then in that case, the search for the wedding dress you have in mind can become a real torture. There are two options: places where you do have that style of dresses but you have to mortgage half a house to buy it or give up your precious dream.

Anna came to me with that problem: I was very clear that I wanted a romantic dress with touches that would make it different and more cane but I was beginning to give up the dress of her dreams until I offered her the solution she needed. I have to say that the connection I felt with Anna went well beyond a simple designer and client relationship and that is why it was very easy for me to understand what she needed.

Anna's wedding was an event in the countryside, in the land of his father, a small Catalan town called Salitja. An event with touches of the 60 and 70 years designed for people to enjoy and relax. As for Anna's dress, it was clear that her figure had to be highlighted and that is why in the end we opted for a tight dress with halter neckline that put the attention on her shoulders.

The embroidered tulle of the fabric gave it that romantic touch that contrasted with a back adorned with golden chains forming a geometric figure thus giving that rocker point that she wanted. In addition, the tail of the dress had a transparency that made Anna's silhouette even more sexy. She also finished giving the final touch to the look with accessories that could not be more successful. By the way, special mention to Anna's husband because I have to say that there are very few men who dare to leave the conventional jacket suits, but this couple is the perfect example that traditions can and should evolve. I must say, I also ministered to Anna's dress for her daughter, a beautiful girl who was sure to be the center of many of the looks of that day.

In the end, I can say that Anna has become for me more than a client, I really enjoyed working by her side and creating for her the dress she always wanted, because no woman should ever give up on being on her wedding day what she wants to be.

Lorena Panea

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