Beatriz, a wedding in the center of Madrid

Lately, we have not stopped seeing weddings in the middle of nature either in farmhouses, fields or on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. The spirit that stood out in the 60-70 years with this style of celebrations, is what we see today due to the mentality that prevails when going through an economic crisis, added to the fact that great influences such as the top Kate Moss made them fashionable. However, not all brides opt for this option and prefer the asphalt of a large city to be the setting for one of the most special days of their life.

Beatriz is a native of Madrid and mand he said that his wedding was celebrated in the heart of the city, a few steps from the famous Gran Vía. An urban wedding in the capital where trees are changed to majestic buildings and the tranquility of nature due to the dynamism of a large city.

His was a love story at first sight and I do not talk about his partner, I tell you about his dress: Beatriz fell in love with one of my designs from my previous bridal collection. A design that fit with its dreamlike beauty but still, we decided to make some changes so that it had a more sensual touch.

The upper part was made of plumeti tulle and embroidered tulle, leaving transparencies that highlighted Beatriz's curves. The back with an impressive square neckline and the skirt were chiffon, thus achieving the lightness and comfort that she demanded at all times.

The result is a unique dress that meets all the characteristics that the bride has: Sweet and delicate but also sexy and daring. But first of all, a design that is yours and that together we create it to make your dress the reflection of your happiness.

Lorena Panea

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