Carolina: less, always more

Wedding dresses should be a reflection of the personality of the wearer. It shows when a bride defends her dress: she gains in security, beauty and elegance. It may sound topical but in this case it is when you have to be more you than ever, or you risk looking like a fraud at your wedding.

It is by that principle that there are no better or worse wedding dresses and not always the most worked are the ones that you will look best with - or yes! It depends on the woman you are (not what other women tell you).

The truth is that The search for the perfect wedding dress can be endless because there will always be something you like, but the perfect does not exist: the best dress is the one that you wear without worrying about what they will say, the one with whom you feel the freedom to enjoy your day and with which you are and only you.

Carolina had an idea of ​​dress and, between her ideas and mine and after several intermediate tests, we got it: to look like never before on her wedding day.

Her dress was totally in chiffon, with a cape skirt that gave it movement and lightness. The upper part was slightly abused, with the detail of a few mini madroños at the waist.

During the ceremony, the bride usually turns her back on the guests, so it is usually important that the dress has some kind of beautiful creation in this part. We decided to give that touch attention to the straps, adorning them with a lace in embroidered tulle which stretched to the back forming a pronounced round neckline.

A crown and a bouquet in mauve and white tones They complemented the bohemian style of the dress and connected the look with the nature surrounding the event.

As I was saying, this dress may not say the same thing in another person or may not even attract attention hung on a hanger, but in Carolina it said it all. It was HIS dress, with which she felt identified and that made the dress acquire a life of its own, showing its beauty and unique essence.

Lorena Panea

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