Daniela, the beauty of simplicity

Coco Chanel said it: less is more and he demonstrated it by fighting the superfluous fashion of his time. Fashion that corseted women and made them mere decorative objects. That is why his philosophy fell even in the highest echelons of society. The woman wants to be free and with her freedom, to be able to decide how she wants to be dressed beyond a fashion imposed by a society in which an ideal of impossible feminine beauty prevails.

A great example of this can be found in Daniela, one of my LP Brides this year. Daniela, a Bolivian based in Barcelona for 6 years ago, is cheerful, friendly and talkative and also (like all modern women) is a woman who came with clear ideas and no desire to waste time. He told me very clearly that his wedding concept was not the traditional wedding: I wanted rather a party, a celebration where protocols were forgotten and I wanted to feel part of that party and not be the white doll that everyone looks at.

The wedding was in a spectacular farmhouse near Barcelona, surrounded by nature and with wonderful views. The story of how we built her dress still makes me smile. Daniela brought two short summer dresses and told me: “Lorena, I am very comfortable with these dresses. I want something like that but on a bride. ”I immediately got down to work and designed a wedding dress unifying everything she had asked me to do.

With a slightly draped halter neckline, Daniela's chiffon dress was light and easy to wear. The skirt had a slight flight and some tail and the bottom of the dress was adorned by a hand-stitched lace that gave her the wedding touch she wanted. The sensual touch is found in the back with a large opening adorned with the same lace. A unique naturalness and elegance that made it the first dress of my Neo-natura's latest bridal collection.

I told you before: less is more. Daniela's dress did not need more or less ornaments because she already has plenty of beauty, the dress reflected her personality perfectly and that was how she wanted to feel on her wedding day.

The sandals with Swarovski in various colors and the wild bouquet added a unique touch that fit perfectly with the dress andYes, girls, you can go without heels to your wedding. Why should you wear some when maybe you never wear them? Daniela thought so and obviously this fact made the wedding even more enjoyable.

In the end it's not about having to go traditional, modern, simple, baroque or bohemian at your wedding: It is about choosing your dress to take into account what you want for that day and with what you feel more comfortable beyond fashions that tell you how to dress to be the “perfect bride”.

These are the principles that I always defend and I will always defend with my fashion, regardless of the style you like best.

Lorena Panea

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