Laura, a wedding in the city of Romeo and Juliet

The most challenging when designing wedding dresses, is to generate a connection that allows both the client and I connect so that not many words are needed to understand us. Of course, I have never made any bride design without minimally having that connection, for me, it is essential. I've always said that I don't like acting like one of those “serial girlfriend factories” in which the only thing that matters is to sell and do not care about the total customer experience. The protagonist is always her and I, I simply dedicate myself to bring out the best of her personality.

Having said that, I'm going to talk about Laura, one of my girlfriends this summer. Laura is a Murcia based in Barcelona and whose wedding was held in Verona, the Italian city of Romeo and Juliet, the stage of Shakespeare. Do not tell me that it is not a symbolic location to place your wedding ... The link took place in a city church and the celebration in the idyllic surroundings of the "Opificio dei sensi", an ecological and natural multipurpose space. You can imagine that hearing this description of what your wedding would be like, immediately my mind started working thinking of several designs for the big day.

After several tests, the design was already decided: a romantic dress of fluid and comfortable fall. The sweetheart neckline highlighted Laura's chest but the main protagonist was the back: a large neckline draped in an embroidered tulle monopolized all eyes. The balance (and lately it is like that in many of my designs) between the minimalist and the baroque, the simple and the complicated, the romantic and the sensual. In addition the dress was adorned with an application of preserved flowers at the waist, with a matching comb, which gave it a country air very appropriate for the environment.

The result may or may not like it, but what is clear and what Laura transmitted to me is that that dress emanated its essenceIt was her on all four sides and that is something not any design can get. The magic? The connection that was generated between Laura and me It made the design simply flow easily.

Lorena Panea

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