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Marina and the authenticity of a girlfriend

The return to the routine, after the summer break, implies rewriting - that is, to my blog!

How I just presented my new bridal collection, I open the new season on the blog with a post about one of my girlfriends this summer: Marina.

I often write about what new women represent in the society of the future, about his new empowered and free role, and how our personality must be strong enough to break the dogmas and limitations that society continues to impose on women.

Does this imply that there can be no traditional women or any other profile? Not at all, don't misunderstand me. It's about each one of us can choose who and how they want to be, consciously, free and without pressure (frequently social or macho).

Marina seemed like a good example of that.

This beautiful woman came to my atelier accompanied by her family and friends, throughout the process and in all tests. At no time succumbed to the opinion of others, staying true to your taste and preferences.

Is that, when making a wedding dress, there are no better or worse dresses, nor perfect dresses. There is YOUR dress and the dresses of others. Each has its own ideal of dress and is a mistake when succumbing to the opinion of others about what they think would be the "best" dress for the same ... Opinions that are usually more based on the style of the issuer, not in that of the receiver.

And to have personality is to remain true to yourself to create the dream dress forever.

It must also be said that all his companions in my studio always contributed constructive criticism, which also has merit and helps not to confuse the bride who already tends to mess with the entire organization of the wedding.

When everything flows, the result is a dress that feels like a glove, both in the body and in the personality. And consequently a wedding and a party in which one feels oneself. Authenticity.

The photos speak for themselves and Marina looks like this, just as she is: sociable, fun, beautiful inside and out.

I see these photos and I see happiness, the happiness of Marina, her partner, her son and all those who love her. There is nothing more authentic, the best that a woman can aspire to.

Lorena Panea

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