Brides LorenaPanea: Macarena

Macarena. It was one of my first girlfriends this year and it is an excellent example that tradition can also be modern.

There is a lot of talk about millennial brides and all bridal brands are becoming obsessed with reaching women who opt for minimalism for one of the best dresses of their lives. However, I think that with Macarena we managed to go beyond that and we have created a dress that I especially like because it achieves a balance between the classic and the bohemian, getting a certain dreamlike air.

It is a look of 2 pieces that does not fall into simplicity or exaggeration.

A baroque skirt, fully embroidered by hand with geometric figures - based on one of my models from the Singular collection - thus creating a piece that is an authentic work of art to combine with a blouse also finished with a similar embroidery on the sleeves and a beautiful button on the back. The icing was put by my friend Luis Benitez, one of the best hatters in Seville and Spain, with a headdress that is a real wonder.

And there are plenty of words ... Macarena has been a great LORENAPANEA bride, I wish her the best and I am proud to have been part of her history.

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