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Brides LP: Almudena and alternative beauty

When I wrote about Tamara's wedding dress, I said it was a different design from everything expected of a wedding dress.

What I did not say at that time, is that I have made several designs as original and daring as that. Another of the most original dresses I have ever created is undoubtedly that of Almudena, who got married this summer.

Despite being from a small town in southern Spain, I always say that some of the most special dresses I make are for women of my land. And it's true.Almudena is also Extremaduran like me but in this case based in Madrid, and for all her influences or way of thinking, I could describe her as the type of woman for whom I design: a cultured woman, reinvidicative, with ambitions and social concerns, lover of books and tattoos.

Therefore, her wedding dress had to convey the woman who is. This is the authenticity of a bride, and the honesty that each woman has with herself, instead of falling into the impositions and traditions of yesteryear. Almudena had it clear: her wedding dress would be short. I have done few in my life and I always wonder why - Why not marry a short dress? This was undoubtedly Almudena's option, and is as or more spectacular than any long dress.

Aristotle said that the body is the instrument of the soul, so such a dress perfectly demonstrates the piece of woman that is Almudena, both inside and out. Between Almudena and I designed the dress with several transparencies so that Almudena taught her body full of art, a skirt with volume, a back worked in embroidered tulle and sleeves with southern influences, equally embroidered, all under the influence of Romance Real (This is what this trend is called, a branch of the bohemian romantic). The golden crown gave the final touch and in my opinion it was spectacular.

Being a short dress, shoes acquire more prominence than in a long dress. Almudena chose a pair of shoes with wide heels in pink dusty for the ceremony, which he later exchanged for a striped converse that in my opinion could not combine better. As a final detail, on the back he wore two blue buttons from Morocco, Arab influence that splashed the details of the entire event. For family reasons, Almudena has this exotic culture very present and made the mixture of all these influences dance in a perfect balance.

I was proud to have created this design and worked with Almudena, of course the type of woman who inspires me the most. Undoubtedly, another of the dresses in my top-5 this year.But this is like everything: it is not a dress for any woman. Your authentic dress always depends on the woman you carry inside, it depends on who you are and it mainly depends on who you want to be. When you have it clear, and you have the courage to assume it, then you already have half of your dress. The rest I already do without any problem. Lorena Panea

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