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Brides LP: Carolina and the search for the ideal dress

I always say that many things often happen constantly with “Lorena Panea” and the negative part of it is that I don't have time to write as much as I would like. Mainly write about my clients and the experiences I live with them, women like all of us, who come to my atelier looking for solutions for moments of their lives and that, like any of us, they have doubts, insecurities and questions about the best way to dress in the demanding social life of the world we inhabit.

Often They define me as a bridal design specialist and I confess that I hate etiquette... I'm tired of hearing myself, but it's never enough to repeat it: I prefer to see myself as a specialist in women. Design for women, I make women look their best, see how they want to look. And in that process, I do work to create some relics in the lives of my clients, whether invited, girlfriends, artists, etc ...

Obviously, from time to time, I get women who constantly ask themselves: what is my ideal wedding dress? How will I know if I found it? Is it better to buy a dress already made?

Carolina was one of these women and that's why, today I tell her story in my blog.

The search for the "ideal dress" is infinite and may be more difficult than the search for the holy chalice ... For two reasons:

  • on the one hand, one will always find dresses with new features and new details that we like, although most of the time those same dresses will also have things that they like less;
  • on the other hand, normally serious houses that create wedding dresses, have no stock beyond the test prototypes - Each dress is created for a new bride, many of its materials are handicraft and need time to be created, apart from the fact that it is not morally acceptable to sell a stock dress, tested by thousands of women and worn out over time (and if It's not like that, suspect ...). This implies that these dresses have to be created with time (For example, I work with times between 6 months and 18 months). Now imagine everything that can happen in a woman's life during all these months ...

For these (and other) reasons, tailoring a custom dress offers more advantages than buying a ready-made dress and it is also more versatile throughout the time from purchase to the wedding date - since always allow you to add and change details, while changing the preferences of each bride. This was key for Carolina.

Carolina knew what she didn't want, but most of the time the hard part is knowing what we want, so designing and tailoring was the solution for her - In spite of what I have more than 50 prototypes of designs from my collections in my atelier!

I transmitted to him what the whole process would be like and, starting from the points he liked, we began to design and test shapes, fabrics, details, at various times in time.

In the different interactions, I realized that his style was romantic.

We start from the basis that she wanted to see herself with a silhouette that extolled the natural curves of her body without the need to curl up. That is why for the skirt, we choose a fabric with a flattering fall and with weight. For the top we decided to leave all the prominence to the fabric and here, Carolina was doubting for a while between two fabrics that drove her crazy, but after trying the shape with both, we opted for a finely embroidered tulle that provided lightness and that Romantic touch that he liked so much.

At the end, Carolina told me she was right. This was the dress she was looking for, because this is the dress that evolved with her.

At the level of taste, there are no better or worse dresses. If one feels comfortable enough and finds peace with herself in one of the best days of our life, the dress she wears will always be everything she has always sought.

Lorena Panea.


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