Brides LP: Esther, the magic of Guadalupe

I have already mentioned in previous posts the challenge of working for brides. Not only because it is a challenge of design, materials and patterns, but also because they are more indecisive clients, try dozens of dresses and often change their minds easily. I always tell my girlfriends that the more dresses they try on the more doubts they will have what they want. That is what happens in most cases.

But then there are examples like Esther's, one of my girlfriends this year, who came straight to me to make her dress a reality.

Esther is an emeritense in love with horses, with a natural beauty of the south that does not go unnoticed and with a way of being as natural as it is balanced. As such, her wedding had to live up to all her beauty as a person. It all happened in one of the most beautiful places in Spain - the Guadalupe Monastery in Cáceres, considered a World Heritage Site by Unesco - and with a celebration in the middle of nature.

Esther came with some clear ideas: a romantic, country and comfortable style. The brides Millenials They want to avoid worries about their wedding dress, they just want to enjoy their day and make their dress part of the whole experience. After trying only 3 dresses, we already had the options for the design. And the option chosen by Esther was undoubtedly the most special. Let me tell you why.

The dress at the front kept the minimalist and romantic line that Esther was looking for with a waist with plain and wild ornaments. But nevertheless, the highlight was reserved for the back, with a tail in authentic vintage embroidered tulle, that made this dress really something unique in the world and impossible to repeat. On the neckline, lace of the same fabric peeks timidly framing the uve shape and enhancing the feminine style that I always seek to provide to all the dresses I design.

The ornament on the hair and the bouquet, both with preserved royal flowers, combined the dress with the surroundings and with the land that Esther and I shared. A rural, natural and rural environment. A landscape with a lot of charm.

Esther could have traveled hundreds of stores and tried on thousands of dresses but the magic of a wedding is not in finding the best of the best dresses. I do not see any sense or romance in which one tries to adapt to an already produced dress (and surely from the pile) - I am sure that neither of us also seeks to find a standard person and try to adapt to her partner, since love has always Be a thing of two.

I think it makes a lot more sense to create, adapt yourself and the message you want to convey on that day, the dress you've always wanted and believe me when I say that it will make something much more magical and charming at all. Just like love

Lorena Panea

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