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Brides LP: Isabel, when a girlfriend wants to see herself

Not all wedding dresses have to be incredibly groundbreaking to be authentic. For many women, the authenticity and exclusivity of a design is in the small details.

For this reason, I never fit into a single style. And that leads me to create some designs like Isabel's wedding dress, That seems to me as special as any more worked wedding dress.

Isabel didn't think she would ever find a dress that represented her, a dress in which she felt herself. But that was before he met me.

When he told me that he didn't even like the typical wedding dresses, I already knew Isabel was one of mine and I already knew where to throw.

There are women who do not like dresses, fashion or traditions - and rightly so, because not everything that is traditional fits all people well. But I have never met a woman who would not like to feel comfortable, feel beautiful or wear her best version of herself.

I made a dress with the brand of my house: comfortable, minimalist and at the same time original (without floripondios or exaggerations).

A beak cut at the waist to stylize your figure, a pronounced neckline to highlight your chest, a silky fabric and some details more worked on the sleeves and waist to give a special touch, and green buttons to match your shoes to add originality And that's it, it wasn't necessary anymore.

Paraphrasing Isabel, the result surprised her, she felt very much and at all she felt disguised as she would have felt in any other design.

I loved this design, I would marry myself and I reveal a secret: I liked this dress so much that I made a version of it for my next wedding collection, about to leave.

Lorena Panea

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