Brides LP: Sara's Sweetness

Formerly, when there was no pret-a-porter and the designers were only available to a few lucky ones, the brides didn't have as many options as now. One of the options was to use the dress that the mother or grandmother wore at their wedding, although the most common option was for someone in the family or close to her to perform it.. At that time it was normal for women to know how to sew, so it was a relatively simple task.

Poco a poco fashion changed, the pret-a-porter broke in and created a fashion more accessible to everyone, in exchange for a significant loss of craftsmanship and exclusivity. This undoubtedly encompassed the wedding dresses. How many do you know, In the last 20 years a couple of large companies took over the wedding dress market, more than anything focused on millionaire billings and, in my opinion, often forgetting to centralize each design in the personality and peculiarity of each bride. There are no two equal bodies, no two equal personalities, no two equal tastes and no two women alike. Moreover, I have never made 2 dresses exactly the same as any of my brides, not even any of those who have chosen any of the dresses in my collections, because each one always adds or asks for new elements in their wedding look.

There is a growing number of brides looking for a personalized experience and often turn to designers, dressmakers or even second-hand stores To acquire the dress of your dreams.

For all the changes in fashion that I have explained before, many of these girlfriends go to a designer for the first time to make a tailor-made dress, so they have no experience comparable to the process and as such tend to be undecided, nervous or even find it difficult to visualize the final result.

Each designer has his way of working, but I will tell you mine through the example of one of my girlfriends: Sara.

Sara is the sweetness in person and I keep a very good memory of her and the whole process of creating her dress. It is key that there is a good chemistry between the designer and the bride. You don't have to fall into clichés and you always have to start from the benefit of the doubt with everyone, but in my opinion it is more unlikely that a young woman of 25-35 years connect with a lady of 70 years or with a man to the Time to design a current dress. Some of these may not quite understand what a woman like us really looks for - but as I say, I speak of probabilities since then we must see case by case.

With Sara the whole process flowed perfectly. She explained to me the characteristics and ideas she imagined in her dress and among her favorite elements was the tulle skirt. Despite having bridal collections, All my dresses (whether collectible or not) are made entirely to measure,so there was no limit to introduce all the elements that Sara imagined in the design, size or silhouette she was looking for.

The next step is always to try different shapes and silhouettes. If you realize, I do not make collections of 100 dresses but I focus on having very wide bridal collections at the level of styles, shapes and elements in little more than 20 dresses. These looks are designed for many types of women, from the most classic to the most innovative, and if we combine the different shapes and elements of my dresses, in the end the possibilities are almost endless.

So it remained to be seen which silhouettes and fabrics favored Sara's body more, and with what styles she felt better. After trying on different necklines, skirts and backs we outline a first idea of ​​what your dress would be. And Sara was in luck because the tulle sat phenomenal - think that this type of skirts does not favor all body types, but fortunately with Sara we connect a style that she liked and that at the same time favored her.

In this process it is important to keep in mind that, Although the design is defined, tailor-made clothing allows variations to be added to the dress while we are building it. Flexibility is one of my highest values ​​and certainly brings security to my girlfriends, who will have time to try and decide the details and in some cases even total changes of form.

In the case of Sara, we had already decided on the tulle skirt but we had to define the top of the dress, although we were already starting from a basic idea. Finally we decided that a tight body in chantilly with a round neckline hit him. The embellishment of the waist - a lace in embroidered tulle - and the embroidered plumeti tulle top were elements that we added once the dress was built.

Like I always say, the details are defined at the end and in the last tests we added the golden brooch on the top and some pearl buttons on the back, which gave it the final touch that the design needed while giving it personality.

I told Sara thousands of times and I tell everyone: I fell in love with her dress. It is delicate, romantic and with a vintage point. The mixture of fabrics drives me crazy since they create different textures without reloading the final result. However, it is not me who likes the dress. It's Sara and nobody else.

However precious her dress is, it is Sara who gives it life and makes it more than a piece of tissue. When a bride is not disguised, it shows: she gains in security, confidence and even beauty. It transmits its essence. As Audrey Hepburn said, the happy woman is always the prettiest.

A golden tiara in her hair, a bouquet in pastel shades knotted with a matching lace and comfortable white espadrilles with chantilly complemented what Sara and her dress already conveyed.

If I also show you the 2 bridesmaids, your nieces, to whom I made 2 replicas of this same dress, you would die of love

Anyone who knows Sara can never say that that dress did not represent her. That dress was her sweetness, her delicacy, her joy. This design was simply her.

Lorena Panea

The beautiful photographs are by Enrique Román.

Lorena Panea

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