Brides LP: Laia

In the last post about Sheila, I explained what I consider to be the new contemporary brides: elegant and comfortable; attractive and natural; sensual and spontaneous; proud and real; Ambitious and happy. Adjectives that seem antagonistic but that current women begin to bring them together in their own person, perhaps for the first time in history.

I want to emphasize that I do not speak of an empty and worn definition that is often heard in fashion, when many designers or brands say that their clients are "beautiful", "perfect" or "gorgeous". I mean women who feel the same as their partners, who represent what they really believe they are and whose only limits are what each of them wants to achieve. I speak of feminism, freedom and equality in its purest form. A growing number of anonymous women who, with their attitude and behavior, set the example and change mentalities.

This week I talk about Laia, another woman within the concept to which I refer.

Laia came from the province of Lleida And at the first test, as usual, she went to my studio with the family - including her Italian boyfriend - but impervious to external influences, since she herself had the clearest ideas. This is called personality and independence, which made my job easier and made the design stick to a mutual work between her and me.

As for styling, we think of something quite original. The looks of 2 pieces are very fashionable and usually bring a lot of sensuality to the female figure, but they usually have the inconvenience of moving and taking care of body movements (especially at a wedding where you have to hug, dance and jump, and more in a girl as fun and energetic as Laia is), which makes skirt and blouse not an ideal set at a wedding.

As such, I thought of a trap! A full dress, even if it looked like a “two pieces”

Thus, we retain the sensuality of the look, we maintain the advantages of a complete dress and ensure the elegance required in an event of this importance.

I designed an opening in the front to stylize the figure of Laia, while the back I left it together and also complemented the look with a layer made in a beautiful and fine chantilly lace, not only to unify the dress but also to give it a touch more Special and original.

Laia gave the final point with some fun espadrilles adorned with colored pompoms (which only looked when she lifted the dress), a flower ornament in her hair and a beautiful bouquet topped with multicolored ribbons.

As I said in my previous post when I talked about Sheila, too Laia's photos convey exactly what her wedding has been, how is your relationship with your partner or everyone else, and how is she as a woman: personality, spontaneity, fun, happiness, authenticity and, of course, natural beauty.

Laia is also a new contemporary girlfriend. This is not found in any woman and of course not always the weddings revealed us women so free, but Laia, as well as Sheila and several other great LP Brides, are finally opening a new path for modern women that will likely change our role in society forever.

Lorena Panea

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