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Brides LP: Lola and the renewed tradition.

There is no doubt that we live in a country full of traditions. Some remain almost intact and others evolve and adapt to the new times. There is no doubt that many of the customs within the celebration of a wedding come from the oldest traditions and many of them have remained almost intact to this day. That undoubtedly includes wedding dresses.

One of the best examples of renewal of these traditions is found in Lola's dress.

Contrary to what is usually thought, a white dress is not an ancient tradition - in fact it only started in the 1840, so It is a custom that is not more than 180 years old. But the use of flowers is an ancestral tradition, since the beginning of ancient civilization.

It is true that the elements of Nature are still the main motives in the inspiration of current fashion, but I confess that I am very bored by the patterns and lace of floral motifs ... Not to mention plastic flowers ...

So for my Neo-Natura collection, as in all my collections, I not only turned to authenticity but also that I used the past to innovate and create dresses with little seen details.

In the dress Lis, or others of Neo-Natura, instead of using the typical artificial flowers, embroidered or patterned, I turned to natural flowers as it has always been done in the History of Humanity.

As you can imagine, This subtle but differentiating detail was the downfall of many of my girlfriends of 2018 and Lola has been one of them.

I know Lola from my studies at the School of Art and obviously an artist could not escape how detailed this design is. He told me it was exactly what I was looking for. In fact, the only change we made to the dress was to change the color of the flowers and incorporate velvet buttons on the back and cuffs. Nothing else.

I found it interesting, (and this was Lola's idea), the green velvet bow that adorned her ponytail as it refers to the velvet ties that are used in traditional Extremaduran costumes, a nod to our common culture.

I had published the first photos of Lola a couple of months ago, because it seemed all spectacular and I could not resist showing it as soon as possible. Even his photos were shared throughout the network and Someone left a comment saying that she had been Extremadura's best girlfriend in the 2018. Could be it.

Lorena PaneaPhotographs by PD Photographers.

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