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LP Brides: Marta

I can't think of buying a ready-made wedding dress! A wedding dress is the relic that most women will have closer to haute couture, in all his life.

That implies that, not only must sit perfect, with a pattern tailored to each woman, but also It must reflect the essence of each one of us and our evolution as people both in love and in life.

The way to achieve it is craftsmanship, but the craftsmanship implies time and in the case of a wedding dress, that implies working normally one year in advance. Now imagine all the things that can happen to you for a year ...

It happened to me with several girlfriends with whom I have worked: changes in weight (this is the most typical), changing fabrics because they changed their minds in the middle of the process, remaking entire dresses because we found some design that identified them more, introducing last minute details to include in your dresses memories of your loved ones, etc ...

In Marta's case, something more beautiful happened to her: she discovered that she was going to be a mother.

Their wedding would be a few months after giving birth and as you can imagine, the dress of a bride who has just become a mother obviously has to adapt to the new situation. But Marta didn't want to lose the essence of the dress she had chosen, the dress that best represented her!

Marta fell in love with Budleia design, from my Neo-Natura collection, and as all my wedding dresses are made to measure (be it collection or design to taste), I recreated the same design with an A-shaped skirt that was perfect for the new Marta.

In this case we had to change the entire work process, readjust some tweezers and seams, change the calendar of fittings, etc, etc ... And so Marta preserved her essence and the dress continued to have the same design she fell in love with.

I can't stop getting excited every time I remember it. Definitely, Marta's dress creation process was one of the prettiest I lived in my life as a designer.

Lorena Panea

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