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LP Brides: Natalia and the Southern Tradition

I think I've written it before: some of the most spectacular dresses created by me were designed for women from my homeland.

Despite being the vast majority of my time in Barcelona, ​​I am still working on my beautiful Merida and approaching there promptly, to create fantastic things tailored for the most special women.

One of these creations is one of my favorite dresses ever: Natalia's wedding dress.

Natalia She is a beautiful, natural woman of my own Merida and, like me, He likes to make tradition his own.

As a designer, My vision of fashion is that of a living and transforming cultural phenomenon, which at all times reflects society and its history.

In smaller media, such as Mérida, special importance is usually attached to personal circles, customs or annual events, as factors of stability and social cohesion - so the fashion there must not ignore or neglect these variables.

However, also the women there are changing. Also the women of the south want to change the role that has been imposed on us since ancient times and we fight to conquer and reaffirm a new role in the society of the future. - This is undoubtedly reflected in the fashion of these media, and I can say it with all the security since I have been making dresses for women from the South for more than 5 years.

That said, the wedding dress of Natalia had to find the balance between the tradition that characterizes the women of the south and the freedom, elegance and modernity that we represent the new women, either in Extremadura, Catalonia or any other part of the world.

I don't like to use the words “perfect” or “ideal, because there is no perfect or ideal woman (or girlfriend) in this world. Even so, between Natalia and I, we developed a design that I personally think is fantastic and that felt great.

In this case I sent embroider tulle by hand to create a fabric worked with raw cotton for the top. For the skirt we choose a crepe satin to tone and embroidery only to the part of the hip.

To complete the look, Natalia decided on an incredible crown designed by Rebulldesign: a headdress of flowers in old gold, carefully handcrafted and that added the neo-baroque touch that I already gave to my entire Neo-Natura bridal collection.

Thus we achieve the balance of the whole look, with an authentic, bohemian air and without losing the touches of tradition that have added a plus.

I would say that this wedding dress brings together all the adjectives that usually characterize the dresses I design - full of naturalness, very personalized and comfortable above all. But it goes beyond that: It links the tradition of the past, with current romanticism and the role of women of the future.

Lorena Panea


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