LP Preferred Brides of the Year: Eliana

I previously explained that Every year I usually select some girlfriend / s as my favorite and, to be no exception, this year I decided to highlight Eliana.

My choice never has anything to do with the aesthetics of the dress or the bride, or anything to do with my personal preference, but it has to do with what each of those brides taught me in the moments we spent together during the tests of the wedding dress that I created for each of them.

Now it's time to talk about Eliana, a woman and a totally different wedding concept, and that still gave me some values ​​equally relevant to me as a designer.

Eliana is Brazilian, from the tropical city of Fortaleza, currently stuck in Barcelona and, like me, is also a designer, but in her case of jewelry.

Eliana came to my atelier in Barcelona after trying on 101 wedding dresses ... (That was the first thing I learned with her, that a bride can be very indecisive while looking for her wedding dress: P).

Still, Eliana was quite clear about what she was looking for and maybe that's why she tried on so many dresses and still didn't find HER dress before - Most of the current Bridal Fashion is usually a bad joke with models of standard dresses, standard sizes, the same designs and cuts ... Anyway, it is something that already bores me not only me but a growing number of modern women.

Empathy and understanding between the two was unbeatable from the first date. She wanted something special designed to wear her jewelry together, A warrior and modern princess dress. Such a dress is not found in specialized bridal shops, for the simple reason that it is not a common dress or cheap to produce. On the other hand, it is not technically easy, so not every dressmaker or designer will know how to do it and, if they know it, they will probably already have a very high cache or production costs.

I knew what she wanted, I also knew how to do what she wanted and she knew that I knew it: D So he hired me to do HIS prime work.

Those who follow me, you already know me and know how I tend to be critical of the traditions, the rules and the standards that are perpetuated year after year in the weddings that are emerging. Today's society is getting rid of conventions, customs or institutionalizations that did not lead us to a better world and women finally begin claiming their role in the evolution of civilization. For all this, My wedding dresses are not usually conventional or designed for traditional women but designed for modern women aware of their status as people.

However Eliana taught me something I was not considering to date: when you want to make the world evolve, it is not enough just to criticize the distortions, you have to be ahead of them and set the example - and in Fashion that happens by taking the tradition, transforming it and giving my clients an evolution of the concept of aesthetics that they are looking for. This is what Eliana asked me and in my designs there is a before and after that moment.

The wedding dress that Eliana wanted is "traditionally" beautiful. And I say "traditional" because it was one of the first times that I liked a dress that takes most of the elements that some of our mothers and grandmothers expect from a wedding dress: It is pure white, with a lot of volume and a design that some princess could use Disney - and, much to my surprise, I loved it!

And why do I like this dress, while other "princess" dresses do not usually like me? It goes far beyond the fact that I have done it ... Eliana's wedding dress is one of the best examples I've ever seen of a dress that starts from tradition and modernizes it to fit today's woman:

  • On one hand, take the traditional volumes and marks us the hourglass figure. If you look closely the silhouette is traditional, but if you look closer, This dress has nothing traditional. The skirt has many layers of fabric, most of them are made of natural silk organza, tracing some asymmetries that breaks with the classicism of the silhouette and bringing lightness and an ethereal air to the dress
  • The upper part was inspired by the jewels Eliana designs. As its style is characterized, discrete white crepe lines run along the body of the dress tracing geometric drawings as a nod to your work and your life. As a final touch, In the back we include a jewel made by her that fuses her work and mine perfectly.
  • And the final surprise of this dress is that it is convertible! As these types of silhouettes tend to be more uncomfortable at the time of the party, we created a base dress with a lighter skirt and fall and the skirt with volume was removable. Don't you think it's great?

When I say that it is a dress with a lot of work, let's say I'm not resorting to any hyperbole ... But the feeling of having connected with a woman excited about her wedding and Having created a dress that I consider "traditionally" wonderful is a taste of glory that has not given me any of my awards.

Well, if we are both delighted with the dress created - to the point that we have become friends - it must be said that the wedding itself has not been for less ...

Eliana's entire family came from Brazil to attend the marriage in Luzas, a small and charming town in Huesca that witnessed a party like never before. The entire wedding was loaded with symbolisms and details that made it even more special.

I have made traditional dresses before, which motivated me more or less, that were more or less complex, that needed more or less knowledge of sewing, cutting, materials, patternmaking or design, but far beyond the technique None had represented a conceptual evolution and transformation of tradition into modernity, such as this wedding dress.

As I said before, the moment Eliana described to me what she wanted was a turning point in my career. The proof is that some wedding dresses from my recent Singular collection (2017 brides) already incorporate traditional elements that I had put aside in my Wild (2015 brides) and Imperfecta (2016 brides) collections.

And this is what I have learned with Eliana and her wedding dress: evolution also takes into account the past, as long as you step into the present and do not lose the ambition of the future. And this is Fashion.

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