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Brides LP: Raquel

A wedding is an event that takes months of preparation. Normally you choose the date, the place, the dress and little by little you are composing that day in which you will enjoy dancing, laughing and crying with the people who love you most. Given my role as a designer, I spend a lot of time with the brides and many times the dress tests become pleasant talks where we talk a little about everything.

One of my favorite moments is when I meet the brides after the wedding. The other day Raquel, who got married this summer in Italy, paid me a visit to tell me her impressions after the hustle and bustle of the event. His face said it all, overflowing happiness everywhere. While we were looking at the photos of her big day, we relived together every moment of the process in which she and I enjoyed it very much.

Raquel already knew her before. The previous year she came to me because she needed a guest dress and by then she was so happy that it was clear that it would be me who designed her wedding dress. And yes, he kept his word and a while later I had it in my studio with a smile on my face and all the illusion of the world. After tests and more tests, Raquel fell in love with the Dionea model of my Neo-Natura collection but, yes, we introduced some changes together so that the dress was completely his.

With a crepe base, Rachel's skirt had a touch of color thanks to the toned tulle nude. Its waist was framed by embroidered tulle and the back looked full with a button that gave it verticality and was framed in two strips of gauze. Elegant, minimalist and with touches of neo-baroque. A seal of the brides Lorena Panea.

I have to say that during the whole process, the tests rather than tests seemed like small parties in which the bride, her companions and I had a great time. Each and every one of us was involved to the fullest and in fact one of the things that Raquel told me was that now that the wedding was over, I was going to miss all these hangings, talks, plans and decisions.

As I said before, a wedding takes months of preparation and although the big day is the same day of the event, one has to enjoy all the way. In my case, in the case of Raquel and all my girlfriends, Priceless when you see her smile when she sees her dress born out of nowhere and become her own.

Lorena Panea

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