Brides LP: Sara and the beauty of naturalness

If I asked each one of you what your dream wedding would be like, I don't doubt that I would receive different answers, but surely many would agree that it would be an illusion to marry you on the beach of some Mediterranean island, surrounded by the people who really love you and To live that moment with your partner without any bludgeon or want to look like any other girlfriend, but not yourselves.

This was the wedding of Sara, one of my favorite LP Brides of the year: in Menorca, with a beautiful beach and a spectacular party on a sailboat in the Mediterranean.

A dream wedding, right? However, it was not what made Sara a special girlfriend for me.

When I make a custom dress (which is the case of all the wedding dresses I do for my LP Brides), I do several tests with my clients and that naturally leads me to get intimate with these women, get to know them better and in many cases even become friends.

I would say that Sara and I lived with the same enthusiasm the process of creating her wedding dress, empathy was maximum from the first moment and was maintained during all the tests in my atelier.

For all those times I spent with her (and also with her mother for whom I designed a spectacular guest dress and that I taught you before in my social networks), I think I'm not mistaken if I define Sara in this way: an empowered woman, tireless and hardworking businesswoman, all without ever losing her spontaneity and naturalness, with a beauty naive and an energetic contagious joy - a great woman.

Just like the other LP Brides, too Sara is part of the concept that I defined as a new contemporary bride, that is, a woman who is not carved by a mold or represents what others want her to be. Sara decides what she wants to be, when she wants to be and how she wants to be.

As such, her wedding could not be otherwise, but the reflection of the spectacular woman she is.

Let's talk about the bride's dress. I am not going to go around with false modesty and I say without complexes that the dress I designed is a last one, in my opinion. For a woman like Sara, I visualize happiness, freedom, sensuality, candor and femininity so the back was the key point, being protagonistwith two strips of silk satin that crossed and a spectacular tail in the same fabric that contrasted with the gauze in matte of the rest of the garment. The uve-shaped waistband highlighted its curves and were framed with a madroños trim.

Surely at this time will be the shattered dress (because silk should not be wet and less in the sea: D) but it does not matter, because a wedding is an experience to live it, enjoy it and remember it - and remember to Sara I am proud to have created the second skin for a great woman like her and for a moment as happy as her wedding.

Lorena Panea

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