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Brides LP: Tamara and the only truly different wedding dress

A few weeks ago, when I wrote about my inspiration when designing my latest Renaixença bridal collection, I explained how the romantic and bohemian style was changing in today's brides, and as it had evolved since (re) these currents began there by the 2012-2013.

Tamara, one of my most special girlfriends of the year, is a clear example of this evolution I mean in that previous post, being a woman ahead of current trends. It has an identity and a taste that overcomes all the influences that abound in the styles of bridal mass, and without falling into the imitation of the outdated magazines of the heart.

With all due respect for all other women, I can even say that Tamara has been one of my girlfriends in the Top-5 of my favorites.

If you have reviewed my Neo-Natura bridal collection, you can't have missed the Dalia model, of course, the most emblematic design that best reflects the whole concept of the collection.

When I designed Dalia, I did it to create pure art, like a painting that reflects nature, but in this case sewn. I thought that nobody was going to want it, it is a different dress from everything that people are used to in a wedding dress, with a technique that I never saw applied by any other designer (as far as I know).

But that's art, right? It is not created for everyone to understand, but to raise the human being to a higher level in their existence, differentiating themselves from mass and imitation behaviors.

What surprised me is that Dalia design became one of my most desired and successful designs. And Tamara was one of the first women who captured all her artistic concept, all her natural beauty.

Even if you have collections, All the wedding dresses I make are custom made, even these same collectible dresses. Technically, This allows me to adapt the pattern of each design to the body of each woman - something that is not achieved in dresses with arrangements - but not only that: tailor-made clothing also allows me to customize each design to the taste and style of the woman who wears it, making each dress unique. Just like every woman.

Tamara was looking for a really different dress and fell in love with the concept of incorporating natural flowers into her dress - something totally atypical in a wedding dress. I came to confess that at night I dreamed of this dress, and in my opinion it is not for less.

After making the dress entirely in silk, I filled my entire body with bougainvillea-colored flowers as Tamara asked me. At a time when fashion aspires so much to be romantic, this floral detail could not be more authentic - and sustainable: I remind you that silk is one of the materials with less environmental impact.

Adding to the look a crown of chains and a pink veil, once again running away from the typical, tall the set could not be more adequate and current.

What more can I say? Without wanting to repeat myself, Tamara has been one of the brides that I liked the most, it has been absolutely spectacular. In a world that tends to fall so much in traditions and imitations, this woman has managed to create a completely unpublished look, yet elegant, minimalist and original.

As she told me, this has been the only really different wedding dress he has found. Well, if you allow me, Tamara has also been one of the unique and different brides for whom I have had the pleasure of working. So the connection was absolute and the result is in sight.

Lorena Panea

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