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LP Brides: Xenia and the elegance of the north

If in my last post I told you how the influence of tradition is changing for southern women, with the post and video I dedicated to Natalia ...

... In this post I have to say that the elegance of northern women is not far behind, and my Catalan brides provide me with spectacular class-filled weddings and also with a new role that is changing fashion and society forever. Let me tell you about Xenia.

From Xenia I could say that she is beautiful (that she is), very beautiful (that she is), or that she was fantastic at her wedding (that she was) - but talking about the women of the future and her new role is no longer about that . You know that I like to talk about my girlfriends as women beyond mere objects that wear beautiful dresses. My philosophy has always been to dress my clients with designs that reflect what they are and what they would like to be.

Xenia came to my atelier in Barcelona, ​​from the city of Lleida, With a design idea in his mind, promptly attending all the tests regardless of the distance and with the maximum objective that we both create the dress that best represents her at her wedding.

The women of the north are usually quite free and, at the design level, the details are usually more important. However, the minimalism of recent years also here begins to disappear and The nine women begin to opt for more elaborate details and richer fabrics. And a good example of this change is Xenia's dress.

The body of her dress in tulle, crepe and lace was deeply worked with embroidery to give texture and make the seams disappear. The V-back with the pearl buttons contrasted with a chiffon cape skirt that gave the dress a minimalist balance. The final touch was given by the vintage-inspired headdress that gave it an old and nostalgic air making the look the maximum exponent of its personality.

Just like Natalia, I really think that too Xenia managed to make her wedding something of herself and her partner, without falling into imitations or clichés.

As Sarah Jessica Parker once said, a wedding has always been something traditional but its value is to transform it to make it yours and live a unique day.

Lorena Panea

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