Ona, a naive, ethereal and mystical bride

I missed writing about my girlfriends! Most of my girlfriends this year have had to postpone their big party, for obvious reasons, but I still have bride stories to tell, about some gorgeous LP girlfriends from late 2019 / early 2020…

One of these pending stories was that of Ona, a friend of one of my regular clients and a woman who came excited and ready to trust me at all times, for one of the moments of her life.

Ona had some requirements that she wanted to reflect in her dress: mysticism, fantasy, joy ... And that's it, with that and a pleasant conversation with a coffee in my atelier, it helps me get the idea of ​​what a woman needs!

The dress had to have color. It no longer shocks anyone that a dress is not exclusively white, in fact I have already written and explained many times that the thing about white dresses is not even a tradition ...

Ona's dress needed embroidered splashes of color (I have increasingly resorted to this technique in recent years) and then a burgundy cape, just like the dress ribbon - mysticism, fantasy 😉

There are no codes or rules to introduce new elements, such as color, in wedding dresses, beyond good taste, common sense and empathy with the bride. As I have shown on this blog or on my social networks, I have designed bridal gowns in red, green, even black ... And the result has been adequate because each one of those women "knew how to defend" those colors, without feeling disguised , exaggerated or self-conscious.

In the case of Ona, burgundy hit me, for its skin and hair color, for making a naive and ethereal difference little seen in bridal looks, in addition to providing just that mysticism, as the leitmotif of the look.

As with most women who pass through this atelier, the process of creating the dress was very fun and fluid. I was very happy with the final result and, more importantly obviously, Ona was also very happy to the point of writing me a beautiful dedication of thanks:

“Thank you for making the dream come true and creating this dress so and so precious in every detail ♥ I never thought I'd wear something so beautiful and unique on such an important day! I love it, I would never stop wearing it! 😘😘

With this, Ona has said it all ... and I don't forget women like that ... ♥

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