Lorena Panea takes every woman's dreams and personality to the maximum expression, regardless of passing trends. A style focused on each woman, based on originality, elegance and comfort, is the genesis of the interpretation of the desires of modern women by the designer.

Centuries later, Lorena continues to interpret dreams through her wedding dresses, guest, accessories or bath collections.

Throughout her career as a designer, Lorena Panea has obtained recognition and some national awards, but her main objective is to create solutions for modern women, under a brand with strong identity, with a positive fashion ethic, while providing benefits to all its participants, from its clients to the environment through the social and economic environment, marking a trend and an innovative route.



With her ancestral roots of Ancient Egypt, Lorena Panea is inspired by the entire universe and timeless legacy created by this civilization, while all the fashion she creates is governed by 3 fundamental principles:

· Design beyond current fashions, achieving a perfect balance between originality, elegance and minimalism, always respecting the comfort and needs of today's women. All dresses are made by hand in Spain and with high quality materials.

· Personalization, because no two women are alike. All designs are customizable and color and pattern changes, combination of dresses and sizes and definition of details by each woman according to their personal taste and need are allowed.

· Sustainability throughout the production process, based on the principles of fair trade, local production and respecting crafts. All production is on demand, in small quantities and mostly with low environmental impact fabrics, without generating excess stock or discount policies.

Interpreting dreams

Learn about Lorena Panea's origins and her connection with Ancient Egypt, through her Fashion Documentary: