rut and the modern style of Natural Bride

For many women, their wedding day is obviously one of the best days of their life (and I corroborate that it is so ...) but at no time does that have to be at odds with wearing a look different from a typical wedding dress ...



The limitations in fashion are inside every woman's head. But these limitations do not exist physically in the Lorena Panea atelier, as long as each woman is ready to embark with me in a process, in a creative work. In my "fashion house" dreams are created. Dresses are reborn.


Lucilla in Rome, to reborn a Balenciaga dress

I was looking forward to writing about Lucilla. She got married this year in Rome and to create her wedding dress, I used my preferred technique - what I call “Renaissance Dresses”.


Ona, a naive, ethereal and mystical bride

Ona, a friend of one of my regular clients and a woman who came excited and ready to trust me at all times, for one of the moments of her life.



"I found it by chance and it was the best chance of my life. I was very clear about what I wanted and she caught it right away. She made the perfect dress for me and my sister. A 100% professional and a wonderful person. I have already repeated and I'm sure I'll be back. "

LP Brides: Kate

Traditions teach us a social protocol. In the case of weddings, they teach us to celebrate love. However, as society evolves, human emotions remain the same as millennia ago.


Brides LP: Cristina and Verónica

I especially like dressing a couple of girls. As women tend to have to break down barriers and social conventions, they are often women who feel liberated, uncompleted and self-confident. Free.



"Lorena made me 'the' dress. I couldn't be happier with the result. Since I went to her atelier for the first time, she adapted to my tastes and my idea. She did exactly what I asked for. She also gave me ideas when I I was short of them. She made me a beautiful and perfect dress with some spectacular fabrics. The price, besides, is unbeatable. "

Nina's wedding and her big secret

Nina is not an ordinary woman and the dress she wore keeps a secret to be unveiled.


Nuria, transforming her mother's wedding dress

In bridal fashion there is something that seems very special to me: to reuse a wedding dress, be it from the wedding of someone from your family, a dress of yours that once meant something to you ...


Brides LP: Lola and the renewed tradition.

There is no doubt that we live in a country full of traditions. Some remain almost intact and others evolve and adapt to the new times.



"From the moment I entered her store, which in my opinion is super cozy, I have been received by her in an exceptional way, in a few seconds she has conquered my total confidence and from there she has begun the long and precious path that leads to creating a custom dress. Lorena is one of the few people in the world of bridal fashion who is able to risk and stay in the canons of the classic. "

LP Brides: Natalia and the Southern Tradition

I think I've written it before: some of the most spectacular dresses created by me were designed for women from my homeland.



"Lorena is, without a doubt, one of the number one in the bridal sector. In accordance with her philosophy, the quality / price of her dresses is excellent. Close, friendly, professional, dedicated to her profession and making us feel special since you enter his wonderful atelier, where he makes us feel that our illusion is his. "

Brides LP: Almudena and alternative beauty

Another of the most original dresses I have ever created is undoubtedly that of Almudena, who married this summer.


LP Brides: Carolina and the color details

Too bad the color in the wedding dresses was lost. I already explained in this blog how, in the XNUMXth century, Queen Victoria decided to marry in white ...



"Highly recommended. She knew how to give me exactly what I was looking for. I am totally delighted with the dress she made me, very much in my style and the perfect treatment."

Marina and the authenticity of a girlfriend

I open the new season on the blog with a post about one of my girlfriends this summer: Marina.


Daniela, the beauty of simplicity

Coco Chanel already said it: less is more and he demonstrated it by fighting the superfluous fashion of his time.



"Lorena is a 10-year-old professional, she makes some dream guest dresses and bridal dresses to die of love. The best designer I could have chosen for the big day and other events. She has undoubtedly become MY head designer. . "

LP Brides: Rosa and the exquisite elegance

Today I want to talk about Rosa, a doctor who did not find her dress anywhere in Extremadura, nor Andalusia and is looking for something that seems easy to find, but in reality it is very difficult: an exquisite simple and elegant dress.


Carolina: less, always more

Wedding dresses should be a reflection of the personality of the wearer. It shows when a bride defends her dress: she gains in security, beauty and elegance.



"Without a doubt, I recommend it 100%. Lorena listens to you, tries to get to know you and from there your dress is born. Unique and thought by and for you. A 100% correct decision. An experience that every bride should live."

LP Brides: Xenia and the elegance of the north

I have to say that the elegance of the women of the north is not far behind, and my Catalan brides provide me with spectacular class-filled weddings


Brides LP: Sara and everything we look for women

I have not met in my life a single woman who did not have complexes with her body. Not even one. Even international models with whom I dealt and who paraded on some of the main catwalks for the main brands!



"Lorena has listened to me and has captured what she wanted perfectly, her creativity has given the dress magical and unique points. Different and with extraordinary quality, all dressed with a great smile. 100% recommended."

Sheila, one of the new contemporary brides

There was an era - more or less between the wedding of Victoria of England in the mid-XNUMXth century and the beginning of the XNUMXst century, just before the last economic crisis - when brides sought to be more and more ...


Irene and the magic of accessories

Irene got married last year. Her wedding look is the perfect example of how with accessories you can transform and elevate your wedding dress to the maximum exponent.



I was looking for a dress that would make me feel unique, unconventional. I was looking for a designer or designer with whom to be in direct contact, without intermediaries, and I found her. She works with unique details, her designs are totally adaptable to your liking and being able to get in touch with her directly creates immediate security, especially when you know what you want and what you don't. I am totally in love with my dress and therefore I am in love with how Lorena Panea designs.

Brides LP: Raquel

A wedding is an event that takes months of preparation. Normally you choose the date, the site, the dress and little by little you compose that day ...


Brides LP: Isabel, when a girlfriend wants to see herself

For many women, the authenticity and exclusivity of a design is in the small details



I would definitely make my wedding dress with her again. An unbeatable experience and an incredible result. She perfectly captured what she wanted and the dress was ideal for me. It is fantastic and I recommend it 100%.

Brides LP: Carolina and the search for the ideal dress

I always say that many things often happen constantly with “Lorena Panea” and the negative part of it is that I don't have time to write as much as I would like


Brides LP: Sara's Sweetness

In the past, when there was no pret-a-porter and the designers were only available to a few lucky ones, the brides didn't have as many options as now.



"I would recommend her 100%! She is a designer with very good ideas that adapts completely to what you need, both in design, as accessories, budget, etc. She understood me perfectly from the first moment listening to everything I had in mind and the dress was beautiful. It is also charming so do not hesitate to stop by her atelier .. "

Brides LP: Tamara and the only truly different wedding dress

With all due respect for all the other women, I can even say that Tamara has been one of my girlfriends in the Top-5 of my favorites.


LP Brides: Marta

A wedding dress is the relic that most women will have closer to haute couture, in their entire lives.



"The first day I went to look for a wedding dress we found her by chance in a workshop in Gràcia, Barcelona. I was already worried that the other houses did not adapt to what I wanted (I wanted, and did, a medieval wedding). However, I think I connected with Lorena from the first second. She understood what I wanted and, on the same day, she drew what I had in mind but did not know how to express. I am very happy with the result. Lorena loved it. "

Beatriz, a wedding in the center of Madrid

Not all brides opt for this option and prefer the asphalt of a large city to be the setting for one of the most special days of their life.


Mireia and her Star Wars themed wedding

Whenever I meet one of my LP brides, it's like entering a new world: each one has a vision of what she wants for her wedding.



"With Lorena I have made a friend. She is a person who knows how to listen to you, understand what you like and what you imagine (which is sometimes so difficult to explain) and make your dress something special and unique for a day like yours. wedding. She makes you feel like a queen at all times, she is a retailer, she works with some fabrics that are a luxury. And all with a smile, always, and at a super reasonable price. Just for having another Lorena dress, I think I would return to get married. "

Brides LP: Esther, the magic of Guadalupe

I always tell my girlfriends that the more dresses they try on the more doubts they will have what they want. That is what happens in most cases.


Brides LP: Laia

In the last post about Sheila, I explained what I consider the new contemporary brides to be: elegant and comfortable; attractive and natural;


LP Preferred Brides of the Year: Eliana

Previously I explained that every year I usually select some girlfriend / s as my favorite / s, and to be no exception, this year I decided to highlight Eliana.



Macarena. It was one of my first girlfriends this year and is an excellent example that tradition can also be modern.