Congratulations. Your commitment and responsibility helped to conquer a new freedom for everyone.

Now comes the responsibility. From now on it is up to all of us to be responsible, with us and with others. For this reason, until the end of June, I will receive you in my atelier but always respecting the following rules, without exception:

1 - An appointment is necessary.

2 - There will only be 1 appointment in the morning and 1 appointment in the afternoon, per day, to properly disinfect the atelier and the tested garments.

3 - You can only enter with a mask and gloves. If you do not bring them, I will provide them to customers for free or at a cost, to discount any purchase, to new customers. I will also provide you with disinfectant gel.

4 - You will not be able to enter with any symptoms of Covid-19.

5 - Only 1 person is allowed per appointment. You cannot come accompanied.

For any query or doubt, that does not involve tests, all these will be resolved by phone, email or video call.

I am waiting for you there and, be careful, because this week a new collection arrives ...
Lorena Panea

Book your appointment through our online appointment system or the email or telephone number indicated below.