Kemet is a ritual, a trip to the past where all the senses are stimulated. It is a claim of the plurality and the unique essence of each woman. History plays with art to create its own language where the freedom to interpret it belongs to each one.

Kemet was the word that the ancient Egyptians used to define their land. With this collection, the designer recovers the Egyptian origin of her last name, but at the same time maintains the originality, elegance and minimalism that characterize all her designs.


Kemet is a collection that represents today's women, those who want to see in their dress a reflection of themselves

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“Lorena Panea created a ritual, a journey into the past which stimulates all the senses. It is a recognition of the diversity and unique essence of each woman. History plays with art to create their own language which can be freely interpreted by each individual. ”

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Versatility is reflected in the variety of silhouettes designed to meet the needs of different women on one of the most important days of their life.

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A look for a free and groundbreaking woman

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“Lorena Panea went truly glamourous. Any Monaco brides out there would easily pull her design off on a yacht… ”

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In the worked fabrics, you run away from flowers and natural motifs to give way to geometric shapes with embroidered tulips with oval sequins, stones and pearls that reflect light and gauze with stones of different shapes that dot the fabric as if from a Canvas be treated.

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